• Hi, I want to know what can I do with a traitor. My king (I cant put the name) in com2x3 besides I helped a lot in the kingdom he dont like the free expresion and he was my sitter, when I go out he destroy my troops insentionaly and expulse me of the ally.

    What can I do? Its a "legal" practice?

    I loose my time in this game, and sometimes money and a sitter can suicide my troops with no problem?

  • You cant do anything. Let me quote from the game rules:


    Travian Games is not liable for damage done by a sitter and no compensation will be given. The account owner is fully responsible for any actions taken by sitters. If a sitter acts in violation of Travian Games' general terms and conditions, both the account/avatar owner, as well as the sitter may be punished.

    Lesson lerned I guess. You should only set players as a sitter if you know and trust them. Or at least dont allow them to use gold and send troops.