Changelog 0.81

  • Dear players,

    Although a bunch of improvements and bug fixes are only relevant for kings and dukes in this roll-out, we've also mixed in some enhancements for all players, like treating animal losses equal to other troop losses.


    • Statistics: The statistics windows will once again open on the page on which you are ranked.
    • Marketplace: A lot of our players told us that the number of available merchants often led to confusion. That is why you will now see the number of all your free merchants, and the default amount of resources will equal the capacity of one of your traders.
    • Defense reports: If only your animals died while defending your village, the color of the defense report will indicate these losses now.
    • Messages: When clicking on a flash notification for a private message, you will now be lead directly to the message.
    • Tribute screen: Thank you @iribuya for the forum suggestion to separate the "collect all" and the "collect all now" button in the tribute overview. We have now improved it and as soon as at least 3 tributes fulfill the requirement, kings and dukes will now be able to use two different actions.
    • Grant protection: Kings and dukes can show their generosity more easily now and grant protection directly on the map by clicking the button in the top right of any foreign governor’s village context menu.

    Bug fixes:

    • Hero speed bonus: When the hero has an item that grants them a speed bonus >20 fields, it will now not only be used for the attack time but also shorten the return time of the troops traveling with the hero.
    • Relocation: A king sometimes lost their beginners' protection after relocating. This will no longer happen.
    • Smithy: If the smithy was demolished and had to be rebuilt while a research was still running, the timer would break. This has now been fixed.
    • Stolen goods: If you become a king while still having stolen goods, you will now also get the crop bonus for them.
    • Sitter settings: If you want to manage sitters and duals, the in-game link will now lead directly to the game world window in the lobby.
    • Crop balance: When switching between villages while the production overview was open, the crop balance was sometimes shown wrong. This has now been fixed.
    • Dry Season: When using the NPC trader, the displayes resource sum was also including the amount of crop. This display bug is now fixed.
    • Cranny: If the cranny is destroyed and only rubble is shown in its place, there will no longer be any resource protection. There'll be none whatsoever in this case.
    • A couple of minor bug fixes have been carried out.

    What do you think of these changes? Do you like the improvements to the marketplace window? Did this list include your most pressing bug fix? Tell us and comment on this thread. Yes, you can directly comment on Changelog threads now 8o

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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