Nobody starts as King

  • Am I the only one that thinks the early game is stupid with a lot of kings just sprawling all over the place? Why is anyone instantly starting as a king at all?

    Wouldn't it make a lot more sense that kingdoms are actually formed, not starting out of nowhere from a tiny undeveloped chief's village?

    Look at the start of any server and it's 25% treasuries - we all know that we won't have that many kings and dukes but this is how it starts.

    Pre-mades are now telling their members to all be kings so that they have more res from tributes and when they start forming the "actual kingdom" they have more treasures to start with.

    What we all really see as true kingdoms are the handful of groups that end up emerging out of the early game. So then, why do we need these "kingdoms" to begin with that an enormous majority of them won't exist over a very small time frame?

    My suggestion for criteria to become a king:
    1. 200 population
    2. Level 1 treasury
    3. At least 1 other governor invited to form

    As for some potential issues; maybe not being able to sell treasures to a king very early on, but often you don't start in influence even in the current format. I tend to save them for a bit myself anyhow.


  • Actually this is a very interesting idea.

  • Interesting suggestion for sure

    One one level I find it intriguing and can see how this might have some influence on meta formation and how it could help reduce some of the early game abuse
    One one hand though I think it might take away some of what makes this game unique in the Travian series.

    Here's an anecdote from my own experiences:

    When I first started I saw the selection of governor and king, but as a new player king was locked out for me, no big deal went with governor and hopped into the game. I have to say I was super happy that right from the get go I belonged to a team that I could call my own. There was a king that welcomed me and showed me the ropes and helped me when I had questions. It felt really good to me to fit right into the system from the start. The kingdom didn't last though but I survived and learned as I went along but in my hours and hours of gameplay I have never properly been without a team.

    Now in this new system, how would the first day or two happen, especially for a new player? Would I still get that same feeling of teamplay right from the start? Maybe I would talk to my closest neighbors if I was bit brave but what if none of them wanted to form a kingdom? What if all the nearest "king to be" players are all few tiles from you won't get inside their influence. There would be pretty big risk to be left completely alone for a long time, especially if you aren't socially active and contact the people around you. Then BP ends and you are alone and some nasty fu... I mean nice Teuton player relieves your village from resources and you are left wondering what happened. :D

    Ye there are a lot of kingdoms at the start but then again isn't being a king kinda a dream for every starting player? You see that king button and decide that next time I have enough experience and click the heck out of that button and start out as a king. Ye the reality probably hits hard for these players but isn't that kinda what kingdoms is all about, having that idea that you can start out as small king and make it till the end game.

    Maybe no kings at the start would be worth the cost but there is certainly benefits with having some structured gameplay under some experienced king right from the get go as well.

    Overall a nice idea, I will put some thought into it myself and maybe Travian guys will as well :D

  • I really don't think that would be a problem.
    Most of those kings are governors at heart and don't intend to stay in that position for very long at all.
    They aren't interested in forming any sort of community. You got lucky in that experience to be honest.

    This won't reduce the amount of kings from week 2-3ish on, but it will eliminate both this spam and abuse of kings at the very first few days.

    The role of king in this game is extremely misleading in that start screen.
    Many take it on as a whim, but to not be completely destroyed (or simply absorbed) you need to be very experienced at least and have other experienced friends joining you in the best case scenarios.

    All new players will still learn about the role of the king, but you will have less players quitting because of being very new and getting totally wiped out and more joining stronger kingdoms and learning from others.

  • Oh ye don't get me wrong I might have just been lucky to have a good experience of the sever start, that wasn't really my point. Just bringing some other thought into the discussion.

    The main concern is basically what if you don't get to have a kingdom at all for the first 2-3 weeks? What's going to happen to new players that get hit by that, do they just quit or can they survive on their own and what does it to do to their experience.
    Though as a counter point I suppose if you were to spawn in with an inactive king and get destroyed because you are in a wrong kingdom in a wrong neighborhood that would kinda suck as well.

  • The relocate feature sends you into the influence of an active king.

    That feature is prone to failure. At least in my experience. It sometimes brings you only close to an active king and sometimes (esp early into the server due to the fact that it relocats you to the spot of an inactive player) wont work at all. But that might be another story