App Chat --> We are searching for Alpha Testers!

  • Dear Players,

    Do you want to help us out and be part of the Alpha test of the Chat in the App? 8o We are searching for around 10 to 20 active players who can give us valid feedback.

    What can you expect?

    • There is 1 chat feature for the Kingdoms/Secret Society threads and all the chats
    • The payment shop in the alpha test version of the app will be disabled and cannot be used.
    • You can use Emoji’s more easily with the App chat
    • Not all icons and correct colors are implemented yet

    We do have some requirements though for you to be part of this Alpha test round depending on what operating system you are using.

    General conditions for applying:

    • You play on a current Kingdoms game world
    • Communication is a key part of your game style
    • You are able to give us feedback in English

    IOS: iTunes Store App:

    • You already downloaded the Testflight App and maybe already used it before
    • E-mail: You apply with an email account you can open mails on your iPhone with. This email account does not have to be connected with your iTunes account.

    Android App:

    • You apply with your google-email address that is connected to your Play Store account
    • It would be great if you already tested an app before

    Do you fulfill the requirements? Then send me a private message on the forum with your name, surname and your email address and tell my why you should be part of this Alpha test until Wednesday, Oct 18 Midnight CEST.

    When more testers apply, we will sort out according to the requirements and then draw participants randomly.

    Good Luck! :thumbup:

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Thank you at all players who contacted me! The testers received an email with all the info about how to access the Alpha chat in the app. We will keep you updated how the test goes :)

    bbash-handshake Community Communications Managerteuton-strong

  • Dear Players,
    we have some news about the progress of the alpha test for the chat of the app!

    • The alpha test is still running and the feedback is very useful for the mobile team
    • The iOS version is running smoothly so far, the Android version needs performance improvements
    • The missing icons in the app chat are currently added

    Thanks to your help, it looks like the app chat will be available for everyone very soon!
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team