Adding a new feature on Travian Plus

  • On Travian Plus exist some feature such as :

    • +25% more storage capacity
    • Extended farm list with 100x100 entries
    • Second order in Smithy
    • Hold a second celebration in the Town Hall
    • Set up trade routes

    and I would like to add this one :

    • Chicken runner

    When your hero use boots of chicken, the amount of units evade an incoming attack is multiple by (for example) 20.

    What do you think?

    I want to know if this is a good idea :D

  • But what if one only wants to dodge 150 troops? Plus account would be bad for them then? Make it toggle-able?

    If they were to add this they might aswell add the non-fun full dodge. The game is way more interesting when it's not impossible to catch your army at home.