Player that only has a 12c Village

  • Provided this is a new server the player in question used a technique that involves demolishing the first village to free to culture slot to used in it.

    Basically the idea is that you avoid building any fields (outside of the first few crop fields) as those have population attached to them. If you then settle normally, you can use the mainbuilding lvl 10 to disassemble all the buildings inside the village (fields can't be demolished this way which is why it's important not to build them), which will reduce the town to 0 population and make it vanish.

    - don't build any fields that gives population
    - settle your second village
    - use mainbuilding to make the first village disappear

    If the server in question is bit older the same can naturally be achieved using catapults of your own (or your friends) to destroy the first village.