Halloween contest 2017! – Join the adventure and win Gold!

  • The scariest night of all is around the corner! What better way to spend these horrifying moments than with Travian Kingdoms? Write us a horror story or take a picture of the King or Wren in your home and win up to 200 Gold!

    How can I participate?

    There are two ways to participate:

    • Write a short horror story that involves the world of Travian Kingdoms. It can be from the perspective of your avatar or involving you. It doesn’t have to be too long, but a story is more than one sentence! Feel free to post it under this thread. A good beginning would be, for example: “I woke up with a bad feeling in the middle of the night… I went online, opened the Travian Kingdoms tab and then I saw it! I saw…”


    • Print Wren or the King (or both!), all nicely dressed for Halloween, and make them join your Halloween decorations! Adopt them for Halloween and put them on display next to a pumpkin or the rest of your Halloween decoration. Then take a picture and post it here on the forum, like this example (but possibly better!) You can find the templates here: 1) The King, 2) Wren, 3) Both with background (max image size 1MB)

    Can I do both?

    Yes, you can do both or only one, the choice is yours! As soon as you complete one, your name will be added to the list of possible winners. If you complete both tasks, your name will be added twice, making it more likely that you will be one of the winners!

    What can I win?

    • The four best stories or pictures get: 2 vouchers* of 50 Gold
    • Eight randomly chosen winners get: 1 voucher of 50 Gold

    *About vouchers: You can use them for yourself, gift them to a friend, or wait for the next game world to use them!

    Until when can I participate?

    You can participate until the 2nd of November 0:00 UTC. We’ll announce the winners and give out the prizes shortly afterwards.

    //Remember, no insults or downvotes are allowed. Be respectful with each other and leave war for the game.//

    Happy Halloween! :evil:

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • It was 31st of October. I went online, opened the Travian Kingdoms tab and then I saw it! I saw hundreds of crocodiles , rats and snakes chewing up my precious clubs. Even my Teutonic knights were powerless in front of the mightiest zoo Travian has ever seen. I couldn't breath, because my whole body was in full shock. luckily then I woke up and realized I hadn't actually sent my attack yet and was able to reconsider. That was my scariest Halloween.

  • I decide to play Travian Kingdom on 31st of October like every day. Everything looks normal at begginng, but then I start realised that something is not right. First, my Kingdom fall appart, and my towns were out of borders... I thought: "Shit!". My mind jump with scenario: I will stay without food, because I coudln't sell stolen treasuries... big femine is in front of me. Then I saw that somebody chiefed my second village. My baby was stolen. Aaaaaaa! ...and then I saw that my own attack from yesterday gone totaly wrong. Whole my hammer crashed on the walls... My mind jump again: Ah, now I need build then again, but I will have enough food instead of famine. After 3 bad info and one good (not any more problem with famine) i thought that nothing could be worse..... But, there is always cream on the top of straberry and I saw that cream... I saw new icon of coming attack. Red swords were looking art me. Then come second icon, third, fourth... they were just popin up. After 49 seconds there were "only" 37 coming attacks on my main villa. Then I calculated time of arriving and then realised - all of them are siege. I question myself: Why me? How is this possbile. Answer come in the second - Halloween.

  • Hi it's posible to creat the history in frenche ?

    Hi Themaar,

    that's why we also have the option to do a picture with Wren or the King in their Halloween Costume. Then non-native speakers have the option to participate without writing in a foreign language.

    Something link this:

    Community Communications Manager :)


  • I was just starting my kingdom, and things were going well. I figured I could go offline for a while, there were no treats, I had everything in order and neighbours were friendly enough. I came back in an hour and then I saw horror. My main village was attacked. My whole army dead, my resources stolen. It came so fast, I was not expecting it. It came from a neighbour who proposed collaboration. I would have never tought of his attack. For the next couple of days I had to evade and live in constant fear. Then I deactivated my treasury so I can put a stop to this harassment. The enemy was duke in another kingdom and he felt that he could strike on his own. He attacked his own king and left. I noticed he is not with his allies anymore, and I pulled all the pretos that evaded for days. Time to make a final stand. When he killed his 600 clubs he was building from the start with the left overs of my army I striked his undefended capitol. Since he was not in the kingdom anymore, nobody came to his defense and I recovered all the treasures he lost. from that day on, he was my farm. Happy Halloween! :D

  • It was the evening of the 31st october. I was arranging my villages when I decided to use all my resources to train more troops and I was very proud of me, but when I realized that I was out of crop and I couldn't use the NPC merchants I panicked. I asked in the chat for someone who could send me some crop in order to spend the night. No one answered.

  • It was a cold snowy weather outside, a bit unusual for 31st October. I was managing my farm list in Travian Kingdoms when I heard "it". I looked away from my computer and tried to notice what caused these weird sounds. I can't describe these sounds, they were something I had not heard before so a chill went down my spine. I went away from my computer and looked around the house and then, I heard "it" again. It was my computer that was making these sounds and when I slowly went closer I saw it. My Hero was dead. He had turned into a spooky skeleton and was clapping with his bone hands. I had sent him to his own death and he was furious. He tried to say something with his head, but I could not understand. Then I realized he wanted me to revive him. I had a bucket of water, at least I thought it was water, but it was not. It had turned into a pumpkin juice and seemed like he wanted it very bad. I gave it to him and in fear ran away from my computer, thinking what I should do next. I was scared, I didn't know what he was going to do to me, I was the reason he had died. I heard steps. It was coming closer. I was hiding around the corner and then someone looked at me. He had red glowing eyes, a sword I had never seen before and a shield made of skulls. He was staring at me and breathing heavily. I was sweating and my mind went blank. Last thing I heard was: "Happy Halloween!".

  • It was late at night, almost midnight, Halloween and demons. I was still awake when lightning crossed the skies brightening and then darkening the whole room.Only my computer was turned on and on screen my skull-like hero told me Happy Halloween!HUAAHUAHUAHUAHAUHUA!That's it, Happy Halloween to everyone! =O:evil::thumbdown::saint::!:

  • Yesturday morning I woke up in some cavern... ?! Huge 'warelephant' were staring on me. Wired. Left cavern passing two 'pikmans' guarding entrence. My eyes saw huge square with lots of 'thorned warriors' practicing and fighting. Next to them 'ballistas' stand ready to fight. Milions thoughts in minds and "what the...?". Than 'natarian knight' came to me and told I will take audience with their chief. Two 'guards man' took me to some fat and ugly guy. Seems it is 'natarian emperor'. He told that I've killed to many of their warriors and that is why he condemn me for death and I will be executed right now. Whaaaat?!?!!! From behind raided to me 'axeman' and with his axe he cut my head off... whole life passed before my eyes and last thing I saw it was 'bird of pray' flying high on the sky... and puuff... I woke up... woke up real at my home and realized that playing Travian 24h/24h is to much :D

    "War.. war never changes.."

  • After a long night trick or treating in my neighborhood I was anxious to get home and check my Travian. Upon logging on, which was hard to do with my armor still on), I noticed several attack waves incoming toward my lone village. In a panic I noticed my sitter had sent all my troops out to attack robber hideouts. I was totally defenseless! All the attacks were to land at the exact same time, not a seconds difference. Panic ensued, biting my fingernails with my eyes glued to the countdown to the massive attack incoming all I could think to do was to send my resources to a friendly governor nearby. But wait; all my traders were gone! They were all doing trades at the marketplace! Oh the horror! Sweat was running down my face as the attack clock zeroed out. Then, a message appeared. "The forces surrounding your village have knocked at your main gate and have shouted "Trick or Treat!" The sound of me falling out of my chair could be heard throughout my house.
    The End.

  • Halloween's history

    Once upon a time there was the great magician Mufasa who was raised all night by a bad feeling when he came in line to see his kingdom, or, surprise, the magician had found his kingdom with thousands of bodies, pumpkins and witches that had returned from beyond. Mufasa aztuto convinced those brave fighters to fight in their cause and with victory to celebrate the great Halloween party, since there halloween is known in the empire travian kingdoms.
    -Avatar: Mufasa Mundo: Es1

  • His name was Dimitri0134. Why he missed out the 2 I will never know. But to me Dimitri0134 was more than just a username, it was fear itself. Now at first I didn't take this Dimitri very seriously, my friends and I laughed at him, teased him, sent him messages demanding he surrender his low pop village. When he demanded we take Travian more seriously we threw it back in his face, insulted his bad english and instructed the kingdoms around us to attack this insignificant fella.

    The next morning my friends and I logged on to find all 6 of our cities practically razed by Dimitri0134.
    We raged quit.

    I am playing again now for the first time in over 12 months.
    Don't mess with Dimitri0134.

  • A long long time ago, back when Kingdoms did not even excist and hero's were just a myth, I logged on to the speed server.
    did the normal routine of checking messages and rapports.
    It was then when I realised what happened.
    Random attacks incoming, entire armies who came to visit and plunder my city yet they did not take a single resource nor killed a single troop..
    Instead, they left notes with coordinates and carved pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.

    Opening the world map and sending groups of scouts to each of those cities I soon came to realise that those cities were literally gold mines.
    But I had a feeling.. A feeling that those cities were haunted.

    I went on with my day, talking to my sister about the strange notes.
    And she told me that she'd send her troops towards them, after all her army was twice the size of mine.
    Another day had passed and I woke up.
    Same routine but sending out troops to those coordinates.

    I plundered and I raided the city's, growing my armies and felt like I was ready for endgame.

    Halloween struck upon us.
    I woke up, my back was in pain and my head felt light.
    I opened my eyes as I felt cold hands grabbing my feet.
    The sound of clashing steel razed through my ears.
    I stood up and a man rose infront of me.
    He held a club in his hand and covered his head with a bear pelt.

    Swinging his club at me I knew that I had no choice, I had to fight back.
    But without luck the clubsmen hit me once and I fell to the ground.
    Then I woke up, panting and sweating, it was just a dream.

    I took a shower and went on with my day.
    Hours later we gathered the family for dinner when the doorbel rang.

    I took my bowl of sweet as I walked towards the door smiling.
    I opened the door, the world stood still.
    A sharp point pierced my chest.
    A zombie phalanx.

  • A horrible way to End

    Complicated long hours adorned with a hundred swords marking attack upon our villages, strong round of sieges by multiple flanks that seek to knock our victory. My companions, more active than ever, dictating strategies and words of compassion for the villages already fallen in those late hours of the night ...

    The week has been very strenuous, and my eyelids fall as if with rams gave me in the eyes ...

    After a blink that lasted for hours due to exhaustion, I managed to wake up ...

    I woke up ...

    I woke up to realize that our King would never do it again in the game world ...

    Our King has abandoned, leaving us alone with the bitter iusion of victory promised, shattered and beaten
    Leaving us in the last days of the server.

    Inspirado y Dedicado a mis compañeros del ES1.1
    Con mi más sincero cariño

    Frank, ES1

  • When i wake up on tuesday the 31st,
    there was no sun but the mist;
    i see in my village a big red stain,
    then i see, only blood red grain;
    for my village was the then last morn
    because they went,
    the children of the corn.

    Buon Halloween!

  • As soon as I logged in to my account, to check if I still had enough crop in the village, putrid and foul smell attacked my senses. A smoke started to appear from my monitor and I heard a strong and unbearable noise. Screaming voices, an angry mob from a distance. Slowly, I began to realize what is going on. The game was becoming alive, and my monitor was the portal to it, transducing all the sensations, like I was there! I stood helpless in front of a dying crowd of club-swingers, and their hungry friends, waving with their clubs and staring at me angrily. They burned their clubs in a retribution and the smoke was so dense, that I could just see their silhouettes. Suddenly an axe swiped through my monitor, slicing my keyboard in half! I stood back as I saw an angry axeman threatening to kill me as a result of leaving them in such a state, with no crop, deserted and vulnerable. I stood back, shocked and suddenly I felt a strong whooshing sound of a spear heading towards my forehead. I had to run. They were coming out one by one from my monitor, screaming and destroying my room. I was afraid they would take me to their world, to their cheif, keep me locked in the palace or throw me to an oasis with hungry bears, wolves and crocodiles. However, I had a plan. I gave them gold. As soon as they saw the shining little icon on my phone from purchased travian gold, they calmed down. They accepted it and came back to their village. Now, I have no gold left, and I write you this story hoping to get some back!

  • I woke up with a bad feeling in the middle of the night… I went online, opened the Travian Kingdoms tab and then I saw it! I saw…” the headless horsemen at work, reaping the heads of my Teutonic knights, club swingers not even my scouts were spared from this massacre. As my moat began running red, the bodies began piling at my city gates preventing my hero from fleeing the town. The health slowly reducing, her face contorted into a soundless scream. Then it froze, her eyes glued directly to mine.
    A small notification appeared. Blinking slowly. Inviting me. 'Revive hero? Y/N' I hovered my mouse over Yes, but something felt off. It was too easy. The flashing notification started growing bigger and a slow beeping sound started to play in the background.
    *Beep Beep Beep*
    I began reasoning with myself, I should just click Yes right?
    *Beep Beep Beep*
    In a moment of desperation I took one last glance at my dead hero, and noticed her eyes shifted slightly to the left. I followed her eyes. And I saw a lone figure hiding behind my town hall. Grasping a scythe. Grinning at me.
    With a scream I tore myself away from the screen, closing the tab. At last, I was done with it....
    *Beep Beep Beep*
    The notification played on my phone, then back on my computer, on my television.
    I rushed to my room, barricading it with everything I could find. Attempting to drown the noise engulfing the house. I glanced at my clock, 11:00pm.
    * Beep Beep Beep*
    *Beep Beep Beep*
    As I crawled out of my room, I noticed my computer was still on, the kingdom tab mysteriously reopened.
    I glanced at the destruction that had befallen my kingdom, then noticed my hero, still frozen in her scream. Her head tilted, then slowly fell from her portrait. What was left was a note 'Smart boy, you survived my trick! Here is my treat.'
    In my hero's inventory there was a new equipment. a necklace, filled with the 500 heads of my army and the my hero. Yet I couldn't help feeling that there was one more thing missing from the necklace....