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  • it was the 31st October when i woke up in the middle of a wild oasis with no troops to help me and feeling that there are some snakes on my legs, spiders covering my whole body and the sound of a tiger roaring. i panicked and felt that it was the last day of my life when i suddenly heard my tropes running to save me and saying our king is still alive we buried him alive!

  • It was a cold night of 31st of October, Halloween. It didn't matter, I never cared about ghosts or monsters, only cookies. Yes! Cookies were good.

    After arriving from work, I went online to check my village. Everything was fine, everybody was happy with All Saints Day Eve: "Happy Halloween" was everywhere. I put some construction orders in the queue, and some market orders to help my fellow Travian players out. Trade always helped everyone.

    Suddenly, I felt a strong ache in my stomach, a fierce desire in my head. I heard a loud roar; I looked around, no one was at home, just me and my dog. He was looking at me frozen in suspicion. Again, there was another roar, even louder. I realized that that desire in my mind was me asking for cookies. Yes! Chocolate cookies! No trick or treat, I had nothing to eat since lunch. How I was hungry, and my stomach ached!

    I went to the kitchen to get the chocolate cookies. It was all joy. I made some hot chocolate too. Really nice. But, then... I heard a loud howl. A long, piercing howl. I checked my stomach. No, this time it wasn't my stomach.

    My dog went mad barking. I felt something was wrong. I hid my cookies in the cabinet! No one would take my cookies!

    Then I realized, maybe it was my village! Yes, my beloved Travian village was under attack! Paranoid, I rushed to the computer. But no, everything was peaceful.

    Alright... That was weird.

    Out of nowhere, came another howl. I jumped out of my seat frightened. Looking through the window, I saw and old woman, white hair and black clothes, long nose with a big mole on top, laughing hysterically, looking at me. I know, I am handsome and good looking, but that lady was way beyond my age. She laughed hysterically, and jumping the neighbors' fence with incredible agility, entered his house.

    I found that event really odd, yet went back to play Travian. But then I remembered: I had had no neighbor for the last five years! What was that old lady doing in that abandoned house?

    I felt I should find out. Maybe she was a witch in disguise. It was Halloween, after all. After another howl, and a long, scary laugh, I thought about calling the police? But why would they believe me?

    Suddenly, all went black. I had not fainted. We had a power outage. Just now as I was planning my next attack! My dog started to growl, and looking at the window, I saw that that old lady had turned the main power of my house off!

    That was too much! I went outside! No one could do that during my Travian play!

    Yet, when I arrived outside, I did not see the old woman. That was really weird. But as soon as I put my hands in the lever of the main power box, again I heard her laugh... On my back!

    As I turned around, I saw.... I saw it! She was laughing hysterically, with a knife in her hands!

    And with it, she was passing butter on a piece of bread.

    - Hello, young man! - She said. - Do you have chocolate cookies?

  • It was a cold night of 31st of October, Halloween. What I saw, I could not stop my scream. My travian village had caught fire, i really don't know how to get buckets of water to extinguish fire. My troops and villagers are dying, they were just crying for help. The fire was ravaging. It was a horrible sight. Suddenly i woke up and realized that it was a dream. That was my scariest night.

  • a day like any other, I connect to spend my long 10 hours of game in the game that I like, that game is not the ogame, not the king of the clan, they are the TRAVIAN KINGDOMS.

    I quickly realized that something was not right, that the enemy clans had disappeared, that the map was plagued with bases of zombie natars and that my kingdom received 500 attacks.

    the talk of defense was burned with many messages; the defensive leader was mobilizing the entire kingdom to defend the treasures.

    The offensive conversations waiting for my indications were too many zombie villages natura, but among them stood out a capital town, where zombilandia decided to send the whole kingdom to him.

    the attacks against the treasures began to arrive were many but they were weaker than we expected and our offensive was of 6 hours to reach the objective.

    2500 more attacks appeared to all our treasures, all in the kingdom we were astonished, we knew that we were going to lose, but nothing began to arrive thousands and thousands of troops in reinforcements to praetorian treasures, phalanges, lancers, paladins, druids and hundreds of heroes. countless numbers of troops, our astonishment was that you were the ancient clans with which we were at war, all the TRAVIAN KINGDOMS had united to stop the plague of zombies.

    the hundreds of attacks were sealed one after another against our unexpected allies and their brave soldiers.

    while our main offensive came to ZOMBIELAND and vanished completely even though many of our brave generals and their soldiers died for this noble cause.

    Back in the kingdom, the attacks of the enemy were disappearing and in the kingdom we all celebrate the victory and celebrate in honor of the comrades lost along the way.



  • "Emptiness..." It felt as if this is the only thing left in the village. Warehouse...empty, granary...empty. Eyes of the villagers filled with hunger and... emptiness. The attacks from 2 days ago, with catapults, have left nothing of the village except, emptiness. For the villagers, I am their only hope and my only hope is that 2nd adventure point, so i can go on a long adventure and hope to salvage some crops. As soon as i gained the 2nd point, i left for the adventure. With a 40% health, i can only hope to go everything smoothly. It was an hour long journey but i finally arrive at the place which will decide the future of my village, as the hero of the village i am determined to do anything possible or impossible. The place is just a heavenly densed forest.

    "I can handle that..." i thought. After some time, cutting deep into the forest, i discovered some ancient ruins of a village. I never understand the markings and architecture these ruins depict but these ancient ruins are always a good sign, it means there is something i can salvage, often surrounded with crop fields. I moved through the ruins encountered few wolves, and finally salavaged 7k of each resource and 14k crops.

    "Not bad." i thought. After arranging resources on my horse i started moving out. It had been a long journey which costed me 10% health but i am glad it was worth. On my way back out of the forest i saw a lake and decided to quench my thirst, after all me and my horse both deserve a break. I left the horse by the lake, washed my hands and face. I finally gulp some water.

    " Hmph...salty." i murmured spitting the water out. Suddenly, a chill went down my spine as my own words echoed through my mind. It's a salt water lake... crocodiles. My body froze in fear, but somehow i managed to draw my sword out and started moving slowly away from the lake. " Is it too late?" I wondered while moving back. I am at 30% health after fighting wolves, i can't risk fighting crocodiles. With a steady pace i kept moving then suddenly a painful neighing echoed through the forest. I looked across the lake and witnessed my horse being dragged into the lake.

    "What to do, what to do, all those resources and crops, if i fight now, i am not going to survive but ...but those crops are my people's hope."
    Without a second thought i rushed to the rescue. I delivered a striking blow on the crocodile's head, it moved back. I tried pushing it back into the lake. However another crocodile emerged from my left and bit off my left arm before i could even realize, -15% health. I was losing blood, fast, but in desperation i kept moving my sword. Soon my movements became stagnant, which served an opportunity to my opponent to grab my right leg. It chewed (-5% health)and chewed(-4%health) and chewed the leg until there was nothing left(-5% health). When i was about to give in to the jaws of my predator, my horse thumped on the crocodile's head chewing my leg. In that moment i used my right hand and stabbed into the eyes of another crocodile. They both moved away in agony. "This is it, it's now or i am gonna die here." I hanged onto the reigns of my horse and soon it started running as fast as it can, with me sliding on the ground. We never stopped until we were outside that forest.

  • I'm the guy responsible for maintaining the food supply. The granary is my responsibility, the most important task a common peasant could aspire to have. October 31th and i was extremely happy to know that our King wanted to expand the granary. More storage space, more villagers and soldiers we could support. Plus the cereal production was never better than this year, so everything was going nice and smooth... or so i seemed...
    I was never a superstitious guy, and i never cared for Halloween, so for me it was a normal day and would be a normal night. The granary was under construction, so all the food was stored in crates and left in a temporary storage room near the sewers' entrance. It was heavily guarded, because there were rumours that some robbers had set camp somewhere close to the village. It was around 10 pm when i last checked everything, and with nothing to report, i went home to my wife and kids.
    It was around midnight when i woke up to the sound of what it seemed to be an army of squeaky toys passing through. I went outside to check what was causing the noise, but i didn't see anything. The noise stopped as quickly as it started. My loved ones didn't notice anything, so i was convinced it was just a nightmare. And, in a way, i was right....
    I'm always the first one in my village to wake up, because the distribution of food starts very early in the morning. Normally around 7 am i already have a line of villagers in front of the granary waiting for their cereal, so they can make their bread and meals for the day. So, at 6 am, i got up, had a cup of coffee and some toast, and off i went to the improvised storage room. When i got there, my nightmare was confirmed, only it wasn't a product of my imagination, it was very, very real...
    Remember the army of squeaky toys i mentioned? Rats. That's what happened... They must have sensed the food close to the sewers and came out of there to claim it as theirs. The first thing i saw when i arrived was gruesome: 10 soldiers lying on the ground with their insides out, half eaten, along with what seemed like 1000 rats also dead, most of them without their heads. The soldiers fought well, but they were seriously outnumbered. The surprising thing was that all the food crates where untouched. Not a single one missing, not a single one spilled. What the hell caused the rats to come out on a rampage that night?! Still in shock, I decided to wait for the villagers to show up to decide what we should do with that hellish scene. And i waited, and waited, and nobody showed up.
    At 9 am i decided to go and find my people. I knocked on the baker's door, as he is always the first in line to get some cereal, and no one answered. I went around the house looking at the windows, and i noticed him and his wife in bed, apparently still asleep. The bedroom window was open, so i called them out, but they didn't move. Something was very wrong here... I forced my way in to the bedroom, only to find them not breathing, with some weird holes in their necks and lots of blood. Bats, i figured. But how? Why?! Damn animals lost their minds tonight... I went out across the village and every single villager that left their windows open during the night were dead... Global warming is to blame for that, it was never this hot in October... I'm glad i never leave any windows open, ever. I was terrified, feeling alone. Did the King notice anything up in his palace? Was he even alive? I got a sudden urge to head home, check on my family. I ran as fast as i could, disregarding the growls and howls suddenly coming from the forest. As i arrived home, everything seemed normal. Wife was making lunch, kids were playing in their room. It was almost as nothing happened that night. I ran to my wife, leaving the door open, and told her everything i saw, the soldiers, the rats, the villagers and the bats. Even the strange growls and howls on the way home.
    She looked at me with a smile and said: "Honey, you're so silly... we've been dead for over 20 years already. Look, there's the tiger that's gonna kill us."

  • lo puse en ingles y español por las dudas que no sea muy buena la traduccion !!

    In Kingdom the Horde !!
    As it was not enough with enemy kingdoms ... and hostile natars ... they have awakened ... every 100 years they appear and disappear as in nightmares ... destroy your villages and cities cannibalize your soldiers in every attack ... they literally eat them leaving the debris and armor empty ... if they are cannibals with a nauseating smell and an unknown aspect, since those who have crossed their paths have been part of their menu ....
    Nothing will be the same in travian kingdom has come desolation and destruction for all kingdoms alike ....
    They say they are mounted on flying dragons and accompanied by strange mythological beings! Or unpredictable mutations conceived who knows where!
    There is no way to pay taxes. Of bribing some of them. There is no gold to buy them!
    My heart beats in the cold night, it bristles, my skin, it hurts the pit of my stomach, how to fight the horde? Infernal howls sound discordant in the night ... a sea of torches is approaching, beating of powerful halas raise pestilent winds !!
    I am afraid that I will be the dinner of some of them ... I am terrified of the horror and death that is coming ...
    Hopefully one day understand that only the union of all kingdoms will stop the horde, although my bones whiten in the sun that day I will join the battle as a spectral ghost in search of revenge!
    Alberto Fauro

    EnKingdom la horda!!

    Como no era suficiente con reinos enemigos… y natares hostiles… ellos han despertado… cada 100 años aparecen y desaparecen como en las pesadillas… destruyen tus aldeas y ciudades canibalizan a tus soldados en cada ataque… se los comen literalmente dejando los desechos y armaduras vacías… si son caníbales de nauseabundo olor y aspecto desconocido ya que los que han cruzado sus caminos han sido parte de su menú….

    Ya nada será igual en travian kingdom ha llegado la desolación y destrucción para todos los reinos por igual….

    Dicen que vienen montados en dragones voladores y acompañados por extraños seres mitológicos!!O mutaciones impredecibles concebidas quien sabe dónde!!

    No hay forma de pagarles tributos. De sobornar algunos de ellos. No hay oro que los compre!!

    Palpita mi corazón en la fría noche, se eriza, mi piel, duele la boca del estómago, como combatir a la horda?Aullidos infernales suenan discordantes en la noche… un mar de antorchas se acerca, batir de poderosas halas levantan vientos pestilentes!!

    Me temo que seré la cena de algunos de ellos… estoy aterrado del horror y muerte que se avecina…

    Ojala comprendanalgún día que solo la unión de todos los reinos detendrá a la horda, aunque mis huesos blanqueen al sol ese día me uniré a la batalla como un fantasma espectral en busca de venganza!!

    Alberto Fauro

  • In those years, the kingdom flourished. Cities were built, the population grew and the economy developed. It was a golden time of peace. Due to the increase in the number of soldiers and the population, demand for cereals has increased. The king decided to occupy and conquer a poorly developed village that lived from crop growing and was controlled by natars. All the people fled the village and until then nobody dared to attack. It was said that the village is haunted. Of course, after the Royal Order, we attacked the village. We did not find resistance. We celebrated our victory in a village with great celebration. On the contrary to that, all the inhabitants were indifferent. There were food, drinks, decorations, balloons and fireworks but something was weird. It was enough for me, so I went on a tour of the village. Most of the houses were abandoned. After I walked out, I returned to the village center to the party. There was no one, only empty tables. I looked around. I saw only one old peasant. I quickly approached him and asked him about the soldiers. The old man looked at me with astonishment as if he didnt understand what I was talking about. I saw that the old man does not know anything about it, so I turned and continued the search. I made a few steps and suddenly heard the voice of an old man: "Hmmm I cant help you with your friends, but do you want a balloon? I know you want a ballon"

  • That night it was snowing, it had a strong wind but Lyla (heroin) could not stop, had to come from his allies to bring them the grain reserves they have been waiting for a long time. Arrived at the village the bitter discovery: all the inhabitants and all her family had been crushed by the crocodiles that went crazy and still the blood to the mouth had come out of the nearby oasis of wheat. She fought killing them to the last of them hanging their heads to the trees around the village , but that was the most frightening night of his life.
    She still wears the scars.

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