Gold Transfer

  • Hello,
    I need a little help understanding gold transfer. When you buy gold and don't use all of them, you can trasfer them to another server. But:

    1) What happen when you buy 500 gold, use 100 of them (balance 400 now), then you sell objects for 100 gold (or do some quests) and you have again a balance of 500 gold. Can you trasfer all of the 500 gold, or just 400 because the originals 500 bought are now only 400? Do you lose the 100 gold obtained with silver exchange?

    2) Same example as above, but you gain 200 gold exchanging silver and now you have a total balance of 600 gold (400 bought and 200 obtained by silver). How many gold can you transfer?

    3) What happened with gold obtained by Travian Games thanks to polls, questions and servers problems? Can you tranfer them or not?

    4) I have 500 gold bought and exchange silver valor for 20 gold. I have now 520 gold. I use 20 gold. These 20 gold are those obtained by silver or are those bought? In short, when you use gold, you use the exchanged one before or after those bought?

    5) Same example as above, but I have the 20 exchanged gold before buying 500 gold. Do I use the 20 exchanged before the 500 bought?


  • Hey there @Mizrach

    1) You will be able to transfer all of your available Gold up to the amount you've purchased regardless whether it was the same Gold you purchased or it's earned via silver exchange(in your case 500 Gold)

    2) You will be able to transfer only 500 Gold

    3) Unfortunately earned and gifted gold cannot be transfered

    4) and 5) There's no difference between earned and bought Gold, the amount available for transfer is calculated when either the game world ends or your avatar gets deleted as described in 1)

    Hope that helps! :) If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    Best regards