• Hello guys, i dont understand a new system.

    I can have only two dukes and for 10000 treasures another treasury.. Nothing else?
    Not another two dukes? not another slot?

    Who created this? It must take so long then you made big kingdom. Its nonsence

  • The issue is two fold

    1) The system is actually designed to hamper growth forcing you to have smaller and more localized kingdoms which in itself is a nice idea I suppose
    But more importantly
    2) The whole feature was supposed to come with the kingdom merge where 2 kingdoms can permanently unit (hence the very low duke count) After uniting the kingdom would have 4 dukes and 2 kings which would bring up the expansion speed quite a bit which is why it had to be tuned down to start out with

    I think judging the system without seeing how the merge changes the game is basically pointless but I can totally feel you because it must feel slow as heck.

  • It was also meant to force more fighting between small kingdoms battling for growth space, which hasn't happened, in 2x3 anyway.

    What has happened is that kingdoms have run out of room, and robber camps for some kingdoms have become nonexistent as there is simply nowhere for them to spawn, plus there are no settling spots left at all for some kingdoms struggling to get enough treasures to expand with another treasury.

  • It does feels, slow, boring, people leave beacuse there no kings, you cant plan ahead to much sinde we dont know when the merge is going active... we are 64 days in on my server, we are now at mid game so we hope the merge is up soon