Spiking Inactive Villages

  • Can you please find a way to stop spiking inactive villages? It really decreases players' motivation to play this game.
    There is no logic about sending reinforcements to inactive villages plus we can not see who is deffing them, we can not fight an enemy that we don't see.

  • I agree that it's annoying, but i don't think it should be removed from the game. Perhaps let us see the reinforcer when scouting/attacking it. You can collect information about inactives by reinforcing them with 1 unit. (like if a stacked farm gets finally cleared or something) Or check if someone is autoclicking farmlists, by looking at his hit times.

  • I agree. Let's see in our raiding reports who is reining grey villages. In a com server not long ago one player in our team was in the top defender list for much of the server purely from spiking grey villages. We found out who it was and told him repeatedly to stop. In the end I think we kicked him. His purpose was to get defender medals.

  • Some people specialize in spiking farms and enjoy this aspect of the game as much as you enjoy raiding them.

    As much as i would hate to admit it, i have to accept that it is indeed an efficient method for really active defenders to fight back against really active raiders :) plus, if you are raiding really far away areas and the players near the farm feel bad as they had cleared the farm and would want to reap benefits while someone far away sends 2 clubs frequently stealing all your work...... the only effective weapon to stop those hungry raiders is to spike the nearby farms..... This aspect of the game is here to stay as much as the aspect of a greedy farmer raiding all map :)

  • I think spiking inactives is treacherous and cowardish and I judge players who do it and would insta-kick them out of my kingdom, BUT there's no point in having an external resource income without any risks. You have to trade "more resource income" for "risk of losing troops" (or to be more precise, "more resource income" for "losing a certain percent of your troop production"). It feels kind of imbalanced to be able to raid tons of resources without disadvantages. Just get rid of the "It's my right to have nearly unlimited ressources for free"-mindset.

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