Why there is no helmet for workshop units?

  • I think it's only a good thing, WW-hammers have to hard to build. You gotta start queueing catas on day 30 or earlier if you wish to get +7000 of them. Other troops you can just push out on great barracks etc if you're a bit behind on those. If this would go through, next thing people would be asking for is a great workshop.

    Workshop helmet wouldn't be a bad thing if there were also artifacts to boost up your other productions so it would balance out, but right now i think the game works better without one.

  • Agree with @Jallu

    I think it's pretty good for the game that siege units will be limited in numbers no matter how many resources you have. That way killing the enemy siege engines is always a price worth taking.
    Also the game is "balanced" (do I even dare to use that word :P ) around certain siege engine levels. If ram numbers for example grew by 10% on average because of a helmet or Great Workshop this would change how walls protect villages and make losing buildings even in relatively successful defenses a big threat. At least I prefer siege engines to be a price on both offense and defense. If I organize a defense and kill the enemy hammer in a convincing fashion it's pretty annoying if the enemy still has enough catas and rams to blow past my wall and lvl 20 treasury for example.