• This not the events for actual event, but events with in the game to make more immersive and makes you feel that you are actually playing as a ruler and encounter problems, dilemmas and bounties. Let me give you an example, since travian is a resource gathering war game, if you are recruiting soldier, there can be a chance that you may gain bonus troops to bolster your army, just as like in the real world, and of course the troops that you may get may only be what you are currenlty recruiting. another is unexpected problems like, the granary is on fire, and you will lose 1% of your current crop.

    the purpose of this suggestion is to make more players active within the game, and wait for events to pop up, not just wait for the troops to finish training or wait for resource. this may make players be more active with in the game. Thanks, i hope the GMs answer or read this. :D

  • That's to the detriment of the game. It's a strategic game, thus more randomness of things which are out of control of *any* player adds nothing to the game itself. There are already a few such, like the items a hero finds or where exactly your start village spawns and how oasis are placed on the map - but they suffice. Let the rest be on the whim of the players. It's a game which is meant to have people interact. If you just wait for the game to entertain you, play some single-player game.

  • I think you did not understand what I meant. If you played games like Crusader kings II or Europa Universalis 4, there are events with in the game that can be triggered by player interactions, as I said, If the player is currently recruiting troops, there might be a chance to trigger certain events. Its immersion for immersion's sake.

  • I know the latter. It's a strategic game, but there are a lot of points where luck is involved whether a certain event will trigger (like relations with a neighbour) or you get the right leader and so on. Thus my point stands: currently Travian is about 100% deterministic for all actions you take - save doing adventures for your hero where you do not know the outcome, yet you can guestimate the health loss. If there are to be actions which are triggered "by chance" when doing one thing or another (like recruiting troops), that's a totally different thing, it removes the raw strategic beauty which this game features currently. It would mean to change the audience which finds this game attractive:

    Lucky events, triggered by an action or not, have the possibility to imbalance the game in your favour or against your without you *or another player* having done anything: your hero finding the matching item in an adventure or not already adds this kind of unequality to the players which they can do nothing about and which no-one worked to be blessed or blissed. This game requires too much time and runs too long to have your plans spoiled by unlucky events triggered for you or lucky events triggered for your enemy.

  • Hi @Jaycee, Hi @Rashidix,

    like @Rashidix mentioned, there are some elements somewhat similar to what you describe (adventures, in this case) and I imagine it could be possible to add more complexity to the adventure system, similar to the events you describe... maybe something like "choose your own adventure" style: "Your hero encounters a wild tiger while on his adventure... does he: try to tame it... or does he try to kill it" with certain percentage of maybe taming it, which results in a tiger added to your village but failing to do so means losing a big percentage of your health and returning empty-handed. I could see that happening maybe, if there was enough interest.

    However, like @Rashidix said, Travian Kingdoms is not really oriented toward that kind of randomness and I can imagine many players being angry if we added any additional random factors to the game. I just want to point out the difference in the combat for example: In Crusader Kings II battles are an unknown... you don't know if the wind, the terrain o your generals are going to make you lose the battle and it's hard to predict when forces of similar strength face each other. In TK, on the other hand, you have a combat simulator that, provided you have all the data, can give you a 100% accurate prediction of the result of the battle and the fact that you can predict such things so accurately, plan with them and do the math is a core feature of Travian Kingdoms.

    I personally like the idea of a "grand strategy" game with random factors and different beginning traits for players (your character is... "son of a farmer!" therefore provides +20% crop!) that is always online and where every other character is a player, but definitely not for Travian Kingdoms. The core aspect of the game is too different to implement anything like that and it would mean basically changing every aspect of the game. Thanks for the suggestion though :) Let me know what you think about more complex adventures.


  • Totally agree with @Rashidix,

    travian is a game based on math, formulas and calculations without any random variables in the core functionality. Real case scenario: My friends and I tend to plan whole development of villages, strategies and everything right before the server, because we know that this village with these building will produce this amount of units per hour, so we have to deliver this amount of crop and because of it, we have to make this amount of support villages and this goes on and on. If you would bring random factor in such things, whole game balance will get hurt and it will be less competitive.


    This sounds really interesting. What do you think about that players will have 3 options where their hero will go for adventure:

    • Abandoned Farm

      • Higher chance on receiving: Resources, Troops
    • Fearsome Forest

      • Higher chance on receiving: Animals, Cages
    • Bandit Camp

      • Higher chance on receiving: Armor, Weapon

    This doesn't remove basically anything from the current functionality, but the random factor wont be that huge, because each player will be able to select what they feel like they need the most in certain situations. Would that make sense?

    Thank you,

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  • Hi @Polenoo,
    I personally really like the idea and I would definitely use it, but I cannot say it wouldn't mess with the algorithms and calculations that our game designers have done to come up with the adventure system.

    I'll definitely bring them in here so they can share their opinion on the topic. :D


  • In general I'm a big fan of (somewhat) randomized events occuring in games. They keep the game fresh between multiple playthroughs and force you to constantly adapt your strategy. One of my all-time favorites, King of Dragon Pass, immediately comes to mind. ;)

    However, in a competitive multiplayer environment you have to be much more careful with those things to not skew the game into someone's favor too much.

    What I could imagine having is something like "world events" that affect all players similarly. As we're currently already trying to tie more and more game mechanics to the different "eras" in the game with our upcoming short worlds, maybe such events could be another thing to try out in the future. Of course you still have to make sure players can plan ahead properly and aren't completely destroyed by some random thing happening that they couldn't see coming.

  • indeed, some randomized events will add more mystery and fun to the game while this shouldn't can be abusive and shouldn't offer big deals such as %20 more crop produciton for 3 days.
    It may be some bonus chance about adventures like multiple your adventure rewards for couple hours etc.