POLL: Speed worlds with later WWs or without Kingdom Unions? You decide

  • What option do you prefer for the current speed worlds? 474

    1. Option 1: WW 11 days later with Kingdom Unions (295) 62%
    2. Option 2: WW will open as planned without Kingdom Unions (179) 38%

    Dear players,

    Thank you for your patience for waiting for this statement.

    The most urgent worlds are the running speed worlds and the rounds that are running for 71 days now. The World Wonders are going to open the upcoming Sunday on the current speed rounds. The team, especially the Game Designers, have discussed the consequences of the delay considering the balancing and the endgame experience and we came to a final decision:

    We will let you decide on 2 options!

    Option 1

    The opening of the World Wonders will be delayed for 11 days and will open on Thursday, November 23 at 1:00 pm CET. Shortly before or at the same day, the speed worlds will get the Kingdom Union Feature.

    Option 2
    The World Wonders open normally this Sunday and the speed worlds will not get the Kingdom Unions. Feature.

    We are doing 2 polls. In this thread here, only vote for the COM2x3 world. Follow this link for the RU2x3 world: Опрос: Скоростные миры с более поздними Чудесами света или без функции слияния королевств?

    For the worlds, that already run for 71 days, the Kingdom Unions will be part of those rounds, because we are going to unlock them definitely before the WWs on these words are opened.
    Our Developers and Quality Assurance teams are working hard on finishing the last parts of this game changing feature.

    We are hearing you and reading all your comments on Facebook, Twitter and here in the forum. The comments in other languages are translated and weekly delivered to the Headquarter to discuss them, together with all the other feedback and wishes you are sharing.

    These game worlds are affected (without mentioning our test game world):

    • Speed worlds: 40 days old

      • COM2x3
      • RU2x3
    • Normal speed worlds: 71 days old

      • HU3
      • NL3
      • PL4
      • Arabia3
      • DE4
      • FR5
      • IT5
      • TR1
      • CZ1
      • ES4
      • PT4

    • Normal speed worlds: 57 days old

      • COM3
    • Normal speed worlds: 29 days old

      • COM4
      • RU4
    • Normal speed worlds: 15 days old

      • NO2
      • PL3
      • DE1
      • TR2
      • ES1
      • PT1
      • CZ2
      • Arabia4
      • IT1
      • FR4
    • Normal speed worlds: 2 days old

      • COM5

    We are looking forward to your decision!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Communications Manager :)


  • Dear players,
    the poll ended and you have decided to delay the WWs with 11 days and activate the Kingdom Unions feature, thank you for voting and being patient! We'll keep you informed about the upcoming update

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Dear players,

    As you already know, we're proceeding with your decision to activate the World Wonders 11 days later than planned so you can also enjoy the full Kingdom Unions feature on COM2x3. Since these are 11 days you might not have planned for, we want to thank you for your patience with 110 Gold compensation which you can use according to your preferences.

    Best regards
    Your Travian Kingdoms team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International