In table cant see all treasuries

  • Hello @ElRodriguezo_COM
    does the problem persist after clearing cache and cookies? If yes, could you please PM me your avatar name or send a ticket via the Help Center? We'll then get back to you asap

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  • No man thats not. I contacted support with ticket but any change!
    We should have 3times more VP then second kingdom, but we havent how is possible?
    We have from start server, everytime more treasures then VD how is possible that they have same number of VP like we? 4 days in a row, we have fake VP.. so its very very fair game :))
    For they is VP counting good but for DEVILS no.. how its possible?

    Thats not because cache, i runned it on two computers on five browsers... no change.. avatar name is DEVIL im writing from this ass because i cant login on forum with old acc (how is possible when i have new notebook with new instalation of windows?). | Nejrychlejší ScreenShot a PrintScreen online

    We had 2k treasures yesterday 23:00! Im in zone of server time.
    ANd thats not all, lot of players on comx playing multiacc but multihunter is not working anymore or?

    I remember at older travian when somebody made second acc, multihanter banned him so fast.. give him punishment..
    Now MH catch some MULTI ACC Guys, he say that he is playing with brother and he is free again with both acc without any punishment (and he was blocked). HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    Im playing travian 13 years, but i never was disapointed like last months.