F5 and Neverending Story

  • Hello,
    it's been a while since I switched from Travian Legends to Travian Kingdoms. It was clear to me from the beginning that this game will have some bugs, but after half a year of active play on several servers I have to speak up and ask you.

    It's great that you reworked lobby, added chat in mobile app, which doesn’t load the chat history and finally added the most talked about feature, Kingdom Unions, but when do you intend to repair fundamental bugs in your game like the Embassies – Oasis don’t show in building itself nor they do in overview – my F5 could tell you all about it. I understand you want to do “the cool” stuff, I'm happy for that, but please, fix these bugs that are killing me and my keyboard.

    Furthermore, as a king or recruitment responsible person, I have to use the chat – yes, I really do, shocker right - without it I would not solve anything and that leads me to my next question. When do you plan to reinforce your servers so I don’t have to press F5 every few minutes and save messages that couldn’t be delivered, because I lost connection to the server? :S

    The game is great, but these things are truly killing me and although I like to financially support game developers, I might soon just have enough to continue doing so.

    My apologies for the topic, but I gave those things half a year and it didn’t get anywhere.

    P.S.: When you decide again to change up the lobby, you better work on your WIKI instead and maybe even keep it in English only, because although it's really awesome that there are so many languages, they unfortunately are outdated or translated poorly, so if I happen to want to find something and it opens up in Arabic (nothing againts Arabic - I just don't understand it) or the text is from right to left, I really want to send my hammer on myself…

    P.P.S: If I am the only one who is bothered by these things or the mistake is on my side, ignore this topic. :thumbup:

    With friendly greetings,

    Sca7ha :)


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