I'm disconnected every 1-2 minutes

  • These are all issues that has been around for ages and complained about multiple times, but we seem to be unable to get a fix.

    Also, since the newest android app update, the interfaces keep closing everytime i have troop movements happen. (Troops come home from from raids so my farmlist closes before i can send new ones, repeat 5x until i get lucky to send in time) It's almost impossible for me to npc/use auction/send raids on the phone app now. Especially if my phones internet connection is slow, there's absolutely no chance to do anything.

  • It was OK between 6 and 8 this morning, but 8:30, again disconnexions, again chat windows stuck !!!
    It's simply impossible to play.
    What are you doing !!!

    It remember me a final where we had 20 times a day (or more) error 50(2 or 3 i don't remember) bad gateway
    You solved the problem, so can't you do the same ?

  • and still the same shit with chat ! we need to use skype , teamspeak what ever if we dont like to wright all things a few times ... until we could send our IGM ....every 3 minz chat is away ! and no we are not happy !

  • Hey again guys,
    ufnortunately it looks like the solution for these issues is not so simple and they keep reappering. I already forwarded your reports to the tech support and game center and they're currently looking into it.

    I'll keep you updated on the progress

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Hi again guys

    our tech support checked again thoroughly but unfortunately none of those issues are visible from here.They can see exactly what the server is doing and it shows no performance issues at those times so we think that either this is player specifically related, or it is a connection issue that has nothing to do with the server, but with the ISP, DNS or something else.

    Could you please do a traceroute while this is happening and send it to us via the help center along with an ingame screenshot?
    Windows: open Commandline (cmd) and:
    tracert com1x3.kingdoms.com

    Linux/Mac: open terminal and:
    traceroute com1x3.kingdoms.com

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • @Georgi , I think its a websockets issue. All the data vi ajax calls are working properly but the chat, attack notifications which work via websockets are not working because the connection is being broken often. The whole chat window goes white because the websocket connection was broken. Maybe , the number of websocket connections is being overloaded so its forced to reset? That would be a good place to start digging. I dont think ISPs are the issue as everyone I know from across the world is facing this issue. ( Maybe the ISP being used for Travian Kingdoms is at fault (logical conclusion) )

    The Bolton sends his regards :evil:

  • I've also noticed reports that fail to appear in the right-down corner,instabuild errors (00:00:00 glitch),kingdom names that fail to appear on the map,no village names for inbound trades on marketplace(i'm buying a lot of crop atm so it's quite annoying).

    It's not a one time glitch,these kind of errors are quite frequent. And annoying.

  • Hello georgi , the game is based on flashplayer ? why not on htlm5 ? it will work a lot better even for mobils .... after more than 2 hrs with out chat or very bad working chat .... we really think about to leave server and game ! if not fast change anything

  • Hey again,
    our tech support did it's magic and restarted few systems which seems to have fixed the issues, or at least they are no longer present for us. Could you please check again?

    Best regards

    Nothing changed in com1x3 it still disconnects every 1 or 2 minutes . further more no cards since the start of the server

    very frustrating