Prestige level symbols

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know what all of the the prestige level symbols beyond the "3 gold stars" looks like, and how many prestige points you need for each of them?
    So far I have only seen that "Gold/Bronze" with one line, and the one with "Silver" and two lines. Are there others after these ones?


  • After triple gold star comes the one I have, this requires 2k prestige
    The next one after this is a silver version which requires 5k prestige and it looks like this:

    After that comes a gold version which has 3 of those lines and the color is gold. I have no idea how much this requires though.

    I believe the gold version is the last one but it's still very rare. I have only seen one person with it so far and that guy had completed like 15 servers.

  • Here is how the gold tier looks like

    The person played in the server I was in but unfortunately deleted, digged up the name and searched forums for him, won't post the name in case he doesn't want to be bothered though.

    Considering he had a medal from so many servers there's a chance you might be able to find him in our servers or perhaps others with the same tier and ask them about the prestige requirement and if there is any tiers beyond this one
    I will take a look how much prestige the gold icon requires by asking one of my silver icon friends but unfortunately to answer if anything is beyond that you have to ask one of the guys who already have it :D

    EDIT: The gold level pictured above requires a total of 10k prestige

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