Congratulations to all kingdoms that united!

  • Congratulations!

    We want to congratulate all kingdoms that decided to unite and share a common fate for the remainder of the game round! We wish you all the best and hope that this new chapter in the history of your kingdoms will bring you successful raids, many victories and good understanding between your united kings.

    In just the following 24h after the release of the feature, 46 new united kingdoms were formed among all the Travian Kingdoms’ worlds. Congratulations to all! These are the first to join in each game world:

    The courageous Kingdom: Was joined by the fierce kingdom: In the war-torn game world:
    Just Fun L.CASTLE com2x3
    Стрелa Стрела com3
    Division Cannabis com4
    Hellgate Nilfgard cz1
    Starks Swarm cz2
    ZuckerTK SalzTK de1
    GVS AG de4
    TaSh Persas es1
    Garrote Persas es4
    FPPM SAT fr5
    3RR0R 404ERROR hu3
    Black Black2.0 it1
    299 Titanium nl3
    Temeria Redania pl3
    Ytross Ytross' pl4
    Disney Disney A pt1
    Мафия СОЮЗ ru4
    Valyria Valyria2 tr1

    Are you part of one of the united kingdoms listed here? Do you still have specific questions about how the new unions work? Feel free to ask them and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • @BridgetB

    Well, Urine, is in this case in english, but if you remove the "e", then urin will be a danish, norwegian and swedish word. :)

    The word Krieg is german (unless they choose it because, it can also come from a character name from some games). Danish/swedish/norwegian word for war is "krig". /end of lesson... :D

  • Well, I wondered if it possibly was the German equivalent of the English term, "Pissing Contest". This can be taken either literally, who can piss the farthest or highest say, or metaphorically, as any contest or rivalry in which the main concern of the parties involved is the conspicuous demonstration of superiority.

    I also note that the server is no2, which in English could be short for number 2, which is also a euphemism for defecating!

    Toilet humour - it never goes away.