Mobile chat is now out!

  • Dear players,
    Thank you for your patience! The chat is now live for the game in Android and iOS!

    The status of the chat:
    • Public chats (global, beginners chat...) 1:1 and group conversations are all found in 1 place
    • In a conversation, touching the hero image will reveal the player’s name
    • Shared map links will lead you to the place on the map
    • Shared report links are not accessible in the app view, only in the browser

    We haven’t included push notifications yet, but it’s the next thing on our list. Big thanks to all the alpha testers that helped us a lot in making the app available to all. If you're curious about how the chat looks like, look at the screenshots at the end.
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International