Center of Town Statue Idea

  • I thought it would be neat to provide a specialized placeholder at the center of villages where the occupants can erect a statue. So far I've come up with three ideas all based on the similarities of each tribe's pantheon that could give slight bonuses with each level.

    Main Building Level 5
    100 Population
    Only 1 per village or city.
    Cannot be changed once selected
    Can be a different statue in each village
    Can be targeted by Cats

    Each level provides 0.1% Bonus to it's specific niche. Maximum level 10.

    Sample Level Build Cost:
    Level 1 - 1,000 Wood | 2,500 Clay | 750 Iron | 500 Wheat

    Pantheon Niche:
    Each tribe would have the following variants based on their actual religion.

    God/Goddess of War - Gives Bonus to Troop Offense/Defense
    God/Goddess of Fertility - Gives Bonus to Population
    God/Goddess of Commerce - Gives Bonus to Resources

    I am sure there might be more possibilities.


  • Just want to chip in and say that population isn't actually good thing on it's own. Population doesn't on it's own do anything except harm you (thanks to lower attack power and crop consumption)
    Better idea for that slot would be bonus culture for example

  • Population, as a Duke/King, increases territory as well as influence within that territory. So I can't agree with you in that on its own doesn't do anything. If that were the case then bonus to population for every 100 treasures in your treasury that affect influence wouldn't be a thing.

    Then again, I'm coming at this from a limited a King.

    Now, as a governor, what you are saying rings true I imagine. I am unaware. Don't select bonus to population then. I still think it should be included however.

    I do like the idea of adding something related to the pantheon that would give an increase to Culture Point production. Apollo (Roman Pantheon) was the God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Most of those would be related to culture. I'd have to dig (well the developers would) in order to find the Gaul/Teuton equivalents.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • I'm a king player as well, just saying that I would never ever choose the population one even though it has some marginal uses in boosting the treasury quickly into the next tier or village into a city.
    Perhaps if it was very large population boost for very cheap it could be something you build right as you start developing to quickly boost the area of the treasury and then demolish fast and cheap later for some other bonus, even then something like resource bonus would make more sense to my ear in most situations

  • No, population, as I have already stated, in a kingdom defines your territory size. When you acquire 100, 200, etc etc treasure, you get a %boost to your population wherein it affects your influence within your territory.

    I was pretty clear on this.

    Did you not even read the whole idea? Resource bonus is a viable option listed.

    You wouldn't do a pop; you don't have to have it. Choose something else. I mentioned a variety of things because different playstyles demand it.