Siege of Chickens

  • I'm catapulting (I'm Gaul so actually trebucheting) & a scouting shows some troops + hero and a lvl 10 palace + lvl 1 rally point.

    The Hero has chicken cause he has evading 100X already and is being farmed but I keep losing one troop because of the palace.

    Every calculator/chart I can find says 25 Trebs should be plenty but when I hit it only takes it down to 5...

    So are the calculators and charts out of date or does the troops get factored in regardless of the chicken feet?

  • Did you try use the in game combat simulator?
    If you fill in the information correctly the simulator always gives the correct results.

    Just a hunch but what you are experiencing is either
    1) you have much more population than the person you were attacking which lowers your attack and catapult power (this is called morale bonus)
    2) the enemy village is a capital and he has the stonemason building constructed which significantly raises the durability of his buildings

    3) 1+2 together