Hall of Fame - Hammers Edition

  • Was it Spawn WW hammer or 2nd/3rd village?
    I built 3/4th of the server with the Cavalry Helmet and only changed to Infantry when i had like 35k TTs, i too lost a bunch to spikers, but i'm grateful you were king so my record stays xD

    it was spwan village. i just lost whole army once. cant remember how much army was there. maybe between 2k and 8k. after that i kept training army. ant i think i could have 28/30k TT without loses...one player who was top deffer(probably) spiked regularly. and i raid mosty with horses. Besides that i used helmet for barack....since i use weapon for swordsman so i think its better option.

    what record you are saying? you broke my roman hammer record........regardless king/duke/gov. your cata number is unimaginable. or you have bigger gaul amry too..........share us

  • i shared just before Jallu and it is now the record army in Gaul section for Swords, TTs and Catas, and Crop as well (governors).
    I must say i lost an awful 80-90% too around day 70 so then i just kept all buildings running 24/7 until the end (being top raider with Gauls was "easy")
    you can see the post here

    • Added crop consumption for Romans without HDT (as requested).
    • New Gaul Hammer: [COM7 / King] - 149k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Swords (71510) / Best Gaul Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings)
  • We have a new champion for Romans in 1x servers. If you know the server number (ie DE5) please share it:

    • [DE? / Governor] - 234k Crop Consumption (277k without HDT) / Highest Number of EC (43636) / Highest Number of Rams (2534) / Best Roman Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Governors)

  • Some great new entry from COM4, you can find the reports in the open post:

    • Gaul 1x [COM4 / Governor] - 220k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Haeduan (40490) / Highest Number of Catas (7492) / Best Gaul Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Governors)
    • Teuton 1x [COM4 / King] - 393k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Clubs (224k) / Highest Number of Rams (16080) / Best Teuton Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings)
    • Roman 1x [COM4 / Governor] - 220k Crop Consumption (277k without HDT) / Highest Number of EI (57360) / Highest Number of Catas (8329)
  • New entry:

    • Teuton 1x [IT? / Governor] Highest Number of Catas (7130)
    • Gaul 1x [IT? / King] - 204k Crop Consumption / Best Gaul Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings)

    Screens are in the first post.

  • Thank you @LoveGood for sharing, but I have a big problem:

    It is possible to give me the second post (Shapezor's) so I can split 1x and 3x? Or just add one new post between the open and Shapezor's post.
    Otherwise I need to start another topic for 3x servers, but it's not a solution I like, because it's better to have everything togheter imho.

  • I think most of the length comes from the image links as quick top to bottom copy paste into a letter counter gives me only 2500, meanwhile lot of the links are quite long (pulled one at random at it was 145 characters long) which adds up to a lot.
    Though not actually sure if those image links actually count for the character limit or is there an image limit or what.

    You could shorten the links considerably by downloading them and then uploading them again (again not sure if that actually helps at all though)
    -qeMEF55T_GKYjMfyYN85g.png (145)
    4049f5efcd.jpg (35)

    You can PM the admins as well, such as @Georgi to help you out on the issue.


    Actually thinking it more even if the links averaged 150 characters considering you have about 20 spoilers there that's still only 5.5k characters. There must be few massive links that are causing the cap to fill up or it's actually the image cap, not the character cap you are hitting

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  • You could be right, but actually I don't know how the forum limit works. All the image are copied and pasted, not uploaded directly on this forum, nor copied from the upload link like all the other forums I know. But this is a nice idea @Curtain , I'll try and see what happen :)