Hall of Fame - Defenders Edition

  • Because let's face it, defenders are the dark side of Travian.
    They are fundamental in every part of the game, but seldom they receive the right amount of praise they deserve. Hammers are nice and good looking in reports, but a 200k hammer consume just as 200k defences troops. Defenders work hard just as offender. They represent the backbone of every kingdom.

    Basically there are 2 categories in which to compete for defenders:

    • Personal number of defences (for example the player "Mizrach").
    • Number of defences in collettive walls (for example the kingdom "SPQR").

    As with the Hammers topic, we need to have the usual king/duke/gov categories divided in 1x/speed servers. Additionally we need a WWs/normal villages division as troops consume half of normal on WWs. Treasures villages have more crop production than normal villages, I'm inclined to dedicate a separate category for treasures, but we need to see how many reports are posted.

    So, if you want to compete for "personal number of defences" please share a report or a screen of the troops recap. You also need to post server name, role of the player (king/duke/gov) and every informations that is useful. Only def infantry and light cavalry count as personal defence troops.
    If your kingdom want to compete for "number of defences in collettive walls" the same infos needs to be written, but every troops count as defensive.

    I'm sharing a few examples to make you understand my ideas for this topic. Please spread the word and share reports and screens if you want to be included!

    [IT4 / Dukess / Player SweetKha] 347k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Phalanxes (263262) / Highest Number of Druids (42013) / Best Defence Player in 1x Server (Dukes)


    [IT4 / Governor / Player Wayne] 67k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Praetorians (64504)




    [IT4 / Kingdom Del&Zii] 1.53M Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Phalanxes (1.36M) / Highest Number of Praetorians (678k) / Best WW Wall in 1x Servers


    Normal Villages


    Treasures Villages


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  • com2 round8 (2019)

    Pob acc

    Teuton King (dual account of Nemesid#NL Mayo & Jak )

    Sorry for not having exact numbers, but we had around 315k-320k troops at peak and estimated around 800k troops built over the 5 months,

    it was an amazing server to play def & we managed 1,492,392 def points in total.

    A lot of players overlook Teutons when playing def, but we've found them to be a great choice



  • check this out, this image saved after WW went down from 99 to 95.

    also losses on Natars and other tiny hammers :D


    All credits to best player I have seen ( Grim Grimlocke ), I hope he don't be mad at me for sharing this. (names are themed)

    301k Praetorians. (at least)

    Governor account. (governor entire round)

    I have seen 600K Phalanxes by a king too, but I don't have the shots and his/her name :D

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