• so, more than 6 hours ago i just log on to the server i've played. i'm a duke on that server and on that time at our treasury village i can see that im currently building a WH to lvl 20 and there's a treasury lvl 17 on queue (no resource on in). after i check the amount of resource i need the treasury, i've enough resource for that after i NPC the resource, so i do it. then i put my resource for the treasury so its queued. and then, i think again that treasury is important so i decided to use gold so the WH is done. and then this happen.. after the gold being used on WH the queue for the lvl 17 treasury gone.. i thought it was my browser that having a problem so i reloaded the game. but after i do that its still gone.. for finishing lvl 17 treasury need at least 185k resource and almost 13 hours.. so by this time i wrote this i already loss 185k res and more than 6 hour building time..

    i just want to share my problem on this one, and its annoys me a lot.. for developer, you know what you need to do to compensate this problem to me. please dont make me wait for a longer time that it should be.