Changelog 0.83: Polishes to Kingdom Unions

  • Dear players,

    Now that the first kingdom unions have already established themselves, we've received a lot of feedback from you. Thank you for all your comments - the good, the bad, and the ugly!
    Тhe update will take place on the test world on Monday, December 18th, at 2:00 pm CET. The downtime will last less than 20 minutes. Please plan your crop demands accordingly.

    The main purpose of this update is to polish the kingdom unions feature. Vice kings in particular will benefit from this update the most.

    Vice King Improvements

    • Producing tributes: A vice king was able to produce tributes that the king was unable to collect, but which could be raided. This is no longer possible since the vice king, just like the king, will no longer produce any tributes.
    • Collecting tributes: When vice kings are able to collect tributes, they will see the treasures in the village overview
    • Quests: Vice kings received some governor quests they were actually unable to complete. This has now been fixed, and they receive their usual king quests again
    • Robber camps: When a vice king attacks robber camps, the treasures obtained will be immediately added to their Treasury, just like for kings
    • Rally point: Vice kings can use the “Incoming tributes” filter now in the Rally Point window
    • Invitation: You can now see if a king or a vice king has invited you to a kingdom
    • The vice king is now also mentioned more often in texts in the game, such as in the description for assigning Treasury slots, some tool-tips and in the building description of Treasuries
    • Closing threads: Vice kings will not be able to close kingdom threads that are not their own. The display bug has been fixed. Only the owner or the king are able to close all the kingdom threads. This is one of the differences between kings and vice kings.

    Kingdom unions have been clarified in the in-game help.

    King’s main villages: Each king’s main village has to lie within the influence of their own kingdom before the kingdoms may unite. This means that a main village of a king within the other kingdom's borders needs to have an active Treasury to create influence and a border to meet the requirements for a union. Our Russian community came up with this creative strategy.

    Bug Fixes

    Grant protection: When a king was able to grant a foreign vice king protection, negative influence was displayed. This is no longer shown.

    Thank you again for your feedback on the kingdom unions feature. We are looking forward to your feedback on these changes, too.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International