Holiday Truce

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    Dear players,
    Christmas and New Year's Eve are right behind the corner and so are many upcoming festivities. Same as us, the warriors and villagers of the Travian Kingdoms' world would also appreciate a small holiday in order to spend some time with their families and celebrate these special days, so for this reason we are announcing ceasefire.
    A truce will be activated on many game worlds around Christmas and New Year's Eve. Please find the detailed list below:

    • Christmas

    Game worlds: COM3, COM4, COM5, COM1x3, COM7
    Truce start: 24.12.2017 8am CET
    Truce end: 27.12.2017 8am CET
    No starvation until: 28.12.2017 8am CET

    • New Year's Eve

    Game worlds: COM4, COM5, COM1x3, COM7
    Truce start: 31.12.2017 8am CET
    Truce end: 02.01.2018 8am CET
    No starvation until: 03.01.2018 8am CET

    Important notes:

    • Within the truce times your troops will convey greetings and will not attack.
    • It will not be possible to spy on other players, but you will be able to attack nature oases, Robber hideouts and camps.
    • Troops will continue to use wheat/crop, but will not starve during the ceasefire and not for 24 hours after the truce ends.
    • COM2, COM6 and MLTEST are in the endgame stage and will not get truce

    Happy holidays!
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International