Tribute window improvement for kings/dukes

  • This is perhaps a "first world" problem but I would LOVE IT if villages that "aren't connected" would be hidden similarly to villages where your allies have more influence (see attached image).

    I would like to point the size of the scroll bar there, the actual tributes I can connect in this particular village fit inside the size of that scrollbar, rest of it is just endless stream of "Territory not connected"

    Not sure how it works on the back end but I bet this would also improve the performance of the tribute screen as well, which is pretty big problem at late game scenarios like this. Everything is really snappy early game but at this late game each tribute collection takes me more than few seconds just to register.

  • Bonus to the funfactor if it looks like this. The endless scrolling combined with heavy delay to open the tribute window, load the tributes, load everyone not connected, load detailed infos when hovering over and especially clicking to actually collect them (and sometimes seeming to collect but not actually collect them or instant delivering them if you were clicking to enthusiastic) leads to govs yelling at me that im not collecting their taxes properly/anymore at all :D

    At this point I want to invite anyone from the tech department (and anyone else working @trav whos interested) to test and experience how smooth or not so smooth this whole tribute thingy is. Feel free to hijack my account and collect some tributes. I was part sarcastic on the first paragraph but im dead serious about this one ;)


  • I do not think there is much to be done because tribute script calculates tribute ever MILISECOND but in binary words.
    Hard to explain im not much of an expert myself...

    Point is... when you click on Tributes, TravServer has to:
    1. Calculate your Treasury city:
    1.1. Treasury
    1.2 Population
    1.2 Overall influence
    2. Calculate tributes from Governor
    2.1. Calculate production of Governor
    2.2. Calculate percante given to the Lord at given time/space

    And many others variationas that has to be implemented. Basicly in easy words:

    When you click TRIBUTES you overrun TravServer with your personal "shit" a.k.a. data upload that has to be uploaded then calculated on TravServer procesor/ram then back downloaded do you as first user/sender/root.

    So you have to consider:

    Your upload speed.
    Your download speed.
    TravServer download upload speed at current time/space.
    Calculate your download speed.

    You want ALL THIS SHIT TO HAPPEN in 1 second?
    Guys? I am really amazed how this whole TravScript even works!!!
    I play this cause I dont understand how they managed to MANAGE so complicated script!!

    It is like whole space in one space.

    Sorry, but I dont think this is possible. This is amazing as it is, I am truly amased. I really am.

    I might be crazy but I do not think that owners of Trav are human organism as homo sapiens as we know it as specy.
    Do you understand how this trav script is CHAOTIC? And it does not have major bugs. What the fu... how? NOT POSSIBLE BY HUMAN i tell you and I do think that TravScrip bends time/space as we know it.