10 fields distance 2nd village

  • Hello everybody
    I am about to start my 2nd village. i have an offer from a good kingdom, but the closest field is about 10 fields distance. Do you think is resoneable to go there?

  • 10 fields isn't too far so I would go for it if you think the kingdom itself is a good call.

    Leaving 1 or even 2 villages "behind" when you migrate to a more favorable position is quite normal and even common with people settling croppers and leaving their starters to the hands of the enemy. In the end game a well developed and active account might have about 15 culture slots open so 1 or 2 badly placed villages in the start can still be recovered later. Distance makes you bit weaker of course but it's definitely worth it to join a kingdom you prefer.

    Just be aware of the distance and the area your starter is in. If your kingdom is friendly with the kingdom around your starter then you might not have any problems with it, but if it's hostile and the kingdom you are joining isn't significantly stronger that village might get catapulted or chiefed later so don't over invest into it if you feel like it's not in safe territory.
    10 tiles is still only 1h 25 mins with phalanx or pikemen (and cna be faster than that with hero items) and catapults only move 3 tiles per hour so chances of defending it are still quite high from that distance even if the neighborhood isn't most friendly. That being said trying to build a big hammer there might not be smart as it is still much more vulnerable than villages inside borders. You can still make a village that is bit out of the way a good support or defense village.

    If things work out well and the kingdom of your choice grows well there is a chance you might eventually even reconnect with your lost starter by backfilling the are with your 3rd, 4th 5th... villages settled between your 1st and 2nd and having your kingdom open treasuries in that area perhaps taking in other members around there.

  • Hi Curtain, thanks for reply, in the meantime I had found another topic about it with your answer even in there very interesting, thanks-

    I will think abouit it shortly...

    Anyway I am also going to start server one today. Wondering if you'll join too, would be great to start close to you!!! :)

  • Ye distance is based on the actual distance between 2 points.
    Estimate is enough for this sort of thing of course but for more fine work you can use the rally point to figure out the distance between 2 villages (and the time it takes your units to get there as well)

    I'm currently playing com2 which is in the end game (and hence can't be joined) you will see me the next time in com 2 when it restarts most likely sometime in February and possibly a cameo appearance in which ever server starts between the end of com2 and start of the new com2 round, which I believe will be com7.