3:1 market offers after mid-game

  • We can trade now resource 1:2 max.
    Thats OK.

    But what when midgame comes and there is massive overflow of crop in 75 percent of players?
    That crop does not worth 1:2 to wood no way.

    In truce time 1k crop is worth 200wood 400 clay and 500iron!!!

    Changing crop 1:2 for wood iron and clay is ripoff because CROP MATEMATHICLY IS NOT WORTH EVEN HALF OF IRON during midgame.!!

    I want to sell my wood for 3 to 5 times that crop! Cause my lumber is 10x worther then CROP.
    You dont belive me?

    Turn on Markeplace "Buy" chart. Try to find any wood for anything. Or try to sell crop for antthing. No. YOu wont find it cause we are getting ripped of 2:1

  • Hello @Faust#EN(9)

    what tribe are you normally playing? For Teutons, would can be more valuable than iron, for example.

    Also, wouldn't it feel like a pay to win feature if the market ratio were able to go higher? You could buy more card games -> get more resource chests and use the NPC trader to get the most out of your resources.

    I would like to know, what other players are thinking about this topic, too.

    What are your opinons to this topic?

    kind regards, BridgetB

    bbash-handshake Community Communications Managerteuton-strong

  • I never found the restrictions problematic. Selling anything at 1:5 would be a suicide anyways and 1:2 cap seems to work out pretty well.

    On my end game server right now we have 10 pages of crop deals I have access to, that drops to 4 pages when you turn on the 1:1 or lower and only 5 of those offers are 0.9 (lowest rate) by someone offering to sell 10k crop for 9k iron
    On the reverse the deals that are asking for crop there are 36 pages of those, which drops to 20 after 1:1 to enabled. Out of those 2 pages are trades which offer 750 iron for 600 crop at 0.8 ratio (lowest available rate), everything else is 1:1 trades.

    Also should note that this just a snapshot and doesn't include all trades due to the mechanics of the marketplace. But as you can see most of the offers are either 1:1 or asking for more than they are willing to give
    1:2 maximum ensures no pushing or other shenanigans and even beginners will get somewhat a fair deal every time. It also artificially keeps the prices low incase something weird is happening which favors the quick and active players over the rich and large players.

    With NPC being in the game I don't really see a need to mess with the market either. Maybe if there was no access to it and mechant limits were removed then there would be some need to adjust the market to be more "free"

  • Also, wouldn't it feel like a pay to win feature if the market ratio were able to go higher?

    Yes for all but the crop! You are Admin, you can check players granaries any time of the day. What do you see? WIth my little scouting script with my scout troops I see little but I see them ALL full with crop they DO NOT USE or have any place to send them.
    Do you know I have requested crop from my Kingdom during truce times, cause they got plenty if they sent them to inactives as I instructed. Do you know how many players sent me crop during truce? 1. Do you know how much crop I got from 100 member Kingdom? 100k crop. In 6 days no starvation script. You think they used that crop? Oh no, it just went to top of granary and stayed there. It is homo sapiens mental issue. He hordes more then he needs and he refuses to share with other no matter if his goods are going to get wasted. So better wasted then shared "Homo Sapiens".
    So back to your Admin options again, you can see crop overfrowing on every sever.
    I play Travian since ver3, back in 2007. Situation with crop was exact like this!
    I was noob back then and I met a lady, she had over 40 years in RL, married etc. Serious person. Was first with population on server. You know how much she raided weekly? 0.
    Said its waste of time, marketplace gives better resource without casultie.
    That was on croatia4 worl 2007, nickname Astrix. You can doublecheck that if you like. 0 raids. 1. pop.
    So yes, it would be pay for win ofcourse. But is that any different from pay to win with bandages? WHy cant I put bandage on my trader? :D What, he is not worthy as my legioner because he does not have sword but can carry 500 ress instead of 40 as legioner? Hehe, jokes on the side... Trade is great aspect of Travian.
    People just do not utilize it so often because it is kinda dull to play witn numbers.

    You could buy more card games -> get more resource chests and use the NPC trader to get the most out of your resources.

    I dont understand question. How could I buy more card games and use NPC chests when can I use only 1 chest in 24 hours same as Hero Bucuket? That is why it is 24 restriction, because people would buy resource all the time. So I think you slipped, no offense. Positive thoughts :thumbup:

  • If your kingdom members all have to much crop they are doing something horribly wrong^^ On the servers I played (normal speed) there were usually no crop offers at all after the first few weeks. If you were lucky you could buy some 1:2 but only small amounts.

  • I think the cap to a 2:1 trade ratio is quite reasonable - no need to change it.

    On the contrary, I think a higher allowed ratio would be harmful. It would allow to store ress in the market without chance to have it bought. It is unfair to those not capable to be constantly online and who need to buy this ress or crop *now* (which usually is only available at the worst rate). So: no. Bad suggestion to raise the ratio.