Defenders Identity

  • Hello Travian Employees and Travian Players too!

    I have become disgusted by how the game hides the identity of defenders. This has created an extremely underhanded way for players to kill other player's troops with no consequence. Today I lost troops due to some player or players reinforcing a village and I am sure they are players from a kingdom we recently made a NAP with. Our inability to see who did it and take action accordingly has made the game a sad joke. Why should I not know who defended against me? Why should they get to lie and say "wasn't me"? Why do you have players who do not even finish a server, going around reinforcing grey inactive cities with defense just to kill off players troops with no consequence and then they quit the server anyhow. Travian, YOU opened this door and I suggest you shut it before you lose some very fine and creative players of your game.

    I have nothing good to say about Travian today.

    Yours Truly,


    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • there were several threads about spiking grey villages and they haven't changed anything, most likely won''t change too. It's really frustrating but you have to live with that :(

  • You can determine who put def in there by monitoring the potential defenders' defpoints. The one who put def in there will suddenly have 6k defpoints more.

  • This must be a big annoyance. I feel your pain. :(

    However, on the positive side, possibilities of spiking discourages active players to keep on farming inactives, and utilize more time and strategy to fight real players.

    End of the day farming is a relatively easier way to otherwise scarce resources, with little or no tactic. The player with the highest time will be the greatest beneficiary of farming, not tactically the most efficient player. Spiking kind of works towards balancing it out.


  • I think spiking is stupid, if you are in a half ways decent kingdom, you will probably kill your teammates troops as much as your enemies.

    Yes; I've seen a few half-hearted attempts to organise spiking in a Kingdom, but nothing much ever comes of it. OTOH I've seen someone deliberately spike his own Kingdom because he got upset with another player in the Kingdom. It doesn't make it any less valid a strategy if the defender's identity is known; I guess the question is more, how do they let you know who's spiking without extending that ability to also who exactly is defending that Treasury or this WW - and should that be known exactly?