Abusive attacker

  • Hello everyone, I post this message to try to find help because I'm getting attacked... i know that it's an element from the game, I'm ok with but since two weeks I'm getting attacked more than 100 time per day up to 150 (400-500 units every time and sometimes with siege units) so I make me unable to do anything, I always have to rebuild the ressources fields and buildings . So I would like to knew If there is a way to solve that because I try to text the players who attack me but nothing to do they don't respond
    Hope to find help because I'm not having any more fun in this game

  • That doesn't sound like normal attacker, usually this type is the most dangerous as they either
    1) want the tile your village is
    2) have something against your personally
    3) think that removing you from the game is strategically good option

    For the most part you can't do much about this, besides seek strong allies.
    If it's type 1 simply stopping to rebuild the village he is targeting could work so he can clear and settle it, as for types 2 and 3 your luck might run out as type 2 will be very difficult to turn if you have somehow offended them and type 3 might be the most dangerous of them all as it might even be the order of his king to eliminate you for what ever reason, perhaps you are in bad spot for them or they suspect you to be a spy for the enemy.. what ever the reason the road ahead will be difficult.

    I have a post on this topic here:
    beginner defence problem
    But while doing the steps I talk in that post might help against normal attackers against these 3 types they can me very ineffective as this type of attacker rarely cares about losses or resources and instead simply wants you gone.

    Normally I don't support simply folding and quitting but sometimes that is indeed the only option. The game isn't fair and not everyone gets a chance and that is part of what makes the game meaningfull. Unless the attacker is hurling insults or cheating then he is within his right to destroy you despite the power difference.

    If I may ask which server are you on?
    If you are on a new server (like Com 1 - 6 days old) you can usually survive but older servers might be harder as the players are big and their accounts strong.

    I would attempt diplomacy for a while longer, seeking allies that might help and trying to make sure you lose as little as you can but if that doesn't work
    Com 6 server starts on 16th which is under a week from now. If you get pushed out from your current server, simply try again on Com 6 with all the skills you learned from the first perhaps not so enjoyable attempt.

  • First I would like to thank you for your answer. So I'm on server com4 for 70 days (server aged of 90) and you were right in the fact that this is not regular attacker because I get attacked by nearly all the top ten best player of com4, I don't understand why they want me to go away btw they are all from the same clan (He-He and one from Ho-Ho)

  • Well it's probably case 3 then, they have strategy that says you should be removed for what ever reason. Perhaps your location is too close to them or they don't trust you or suspect you are building catas to attack them or what ever the reason might be.

    Talking to their king might help or perhaps contacting their rival kingdom but ultimately it just might just be that you lose and they win in this one :(

  • if you have 1 village then go on vacation and wait for relocation..being governor you would have to leave kingdom, being king you would need to kick all your governors

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