Robber Hideout too far

  • Hello, recently the robber hideouts are very far from my first village and closer to the second one.
    I had built the palace on the second and settle it as the capital.
    So to have back the robber hideouts close to my first village, do I have to make it my capital? If yes how can I do it? Do I have do buildown the castle on 2nd and built in 1st?

    Thank you all for precious help!

  • Robber hideouts will always spawn near your capital, so if you change your capital robbers will spawn around your new capital in the future.
    The way the game determines the location of the hideouts means that when you change capitals the first new set of hideouts might still spawn around your old capital but any hideouts after that will cluser around your new capital instead.

    To change your capital the desired village needs a palace for you to declare it as a capital (you can demolish the palace afterwards if you like, it's just required for the ceremony)

  • I have started to notice the robber hideouts keep spawning at what im guessing is maximum distance from my capitol. In the past they used to spawn a square or 2 away from your they seem to be constantly spawning at 6 or so squares away, which is a pain since once i have the troops I always siege robber hideouts....which at 6 squares is about 3+ hours....again pain in the ass

  • Hi together
    what Curtain said is true but I'd like to add something since I saw you're puzzled about how far hideouts should be from your capital. Usually robber hideouts will spawn up to ~7 tiles away from your capital village which is a normal distance, however it might be a little longer in certain cases if there are not enough available locations for them nearby(wilderness which cannot be settled). If the distance between your capital and robber hideouts seems unreasonably long to you please send us a ticket via the Help Center mentioning your avatar name and game world and we'll look into it asap

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  • I have also trouble regarding robber camps. Does they will appear just within kingdom border? Or they will appear close to my capital? Thanks