Auction bug com2x3

  • It cost me 230-599 to buy cages at the auction, the starting price without bids are 172-217, but i but i can only sell the cages i have for 72 a piece.. Which so far on the server hasn´t been the average market price.

  • Hey there @Silver Fang#EN
    usually the average price of items during the first few days of a game world is highly volatile, meaning that the cages can be about 100 silver now, ~200 few minutes/hours later and then go back to 50. It all depends on how many there are for sale, what the demand is and what players are paying for it. I just sold a bunch for 300 silver a piece few hours ago, so there's no issue here other than the unstable prices.

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • So my sellpice is now 69, and the average price on the cages beeing sold is 300-400, was higher 7 hours ago, then why have the price and can sell not changed, when the average price in the last hours has been more then 200 more then what i can sell for..

    My selling price hasnt really changed the last 7 hours, on ointment, cage, book of wisdom. Weird a hightly volatile price hasnt changes for me, great for you have been able to sell yours for 300.