Com2x3 bad performance

  • The Com2x3 server is lagging alot and disconnect me randomly all the time. This is on your end because i'm on a fiber connection. Please fix the bad performance because it's almost unplayable :thumbdown:

  • Yeah, same as all new servers recently :D I stoped playing after 15 min, don't want to play for 14 days again, and than lose tons of resources and whole army again, just because i'll get disconnected and won't see incoming attack, even i'd be online.

    Imagine the feeling, when you want to attack someone, see your army, but it doesn't work, you refresh and see you got no more army :D

  • Hi all,

    We're aware of this and our devs are working on it. Thanks for reporting the issues and we're sorry for the less than ideal experience

    Please, keep us updated and let us know if these or other issues happen. We'll also keep you updated on our progress in fixing it and making the game worlds more stable.

    Best regards,

  • It hasn't been that annoying in startup bcs you have BP. Being online doesn't always save you from attacks regardless of time elapsed on server ;) @PoLo Get back on the bike, my friend

    I didn't say it saves you from attacks, but if you see incoming attack you can reinforce village with deff, or just dodge the attack. If you don't see incoming attack you off army deffends the attack and you lose your whole army with no deff in village, because you had no clue you were attacked ;) or if you're attacked in any other village you can lose alot of resources, and most important, you can't try to catch returning army of attacker.

    So basicly server is unplayable, like few recent ones, no clue why they start new servers, before fixing the issue, i didn't buy any gold on server where that happened and was mad as hell, can't imagine what i'd do if i bought and spent some gold ;)

  • My message system has stopped working. I can't communicate with my kingdom and that's annoying. Is someone else having the same problem? Administrators, you have to keep up with us. The experience is not ideal!

  • Hi,

    I am having some complications in this server also. Especially now, it is impossible to send any messages to anyone in the game, I am also unable to see which kingdom each player is from and the overall feel of it seems laggy and unkempt. I am thinking about using Gold for this server but this unreliable and laggy server is putting me off from playing.. I love travian and play both TK and Legends but this is just ridiculous..

    when will this get fixed?

  • Hey @Kimmeeeh#EN
    I'm sorry to hear that and I can confirm the issues you're describing are present as I'm also experiencing them right now. As a gamer myself I absolutely understand how that feels and it is not pleasant indeed.
    Our developers are already working towards a solution together with the tech support and those problems should be fixed soon. Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for you yet, but we'll keep you posted about our progress

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • COM2 x3 almost unplayble same thing was on COM1 x3 too every time we ask manager say they working on it but never fix any thing . ATM we can not see player names / village names on reports . can not see Kingdom names when you hover mouse over village or player profile and more other places. kingdom names not show on Rankings and some other place. Chat DC lot of random times and some time nothing on chat its Empty. there is much more pls Fix this things.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • Hi again
    I understand your gaming experience is far from pleasant at the moment but please bear with us while we're working towards a solution, I'll get back to you as soon as I have updates

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • These are old bugs you have reactivated.
    I have seen all these messy things before and even the lag reacts in a familiar way.

    I gave up playing com7 becuz of lag. Com1*3 performed better. Now Com2*3 perform as com7.
    Give us com1*3 back plz.

    Your crappy lag ended up costing me 167 gold and you didn't give a damn, I doesn't have much patience left.

    I made a ticket explaining the 2 differences in the performance on com7 and com1*3 and it took you 2 days to respond. Since the speed-server was about to end and I had started my shutdown on com7,- I did just like you,- I didn't give a damn (about some ping-tingy).
    You were told this WEEKS ago and didn't give a damn back then, now you tell us you are working on it........