Com2x3 bad performance

  • apparently nicely asking doesn't work so maybe shouting will help...

    they dont care about us, they care about gold, they say a couple posts up that will take days to fix
    so days without proper communication between members in the middle of a war

    cease fire while fixing doesnt get them any gold

  • I can't look at the lobby tab and can't even look at the homepage of Travian Kingdoms. The only way I was even able to post this was because I had a link to a forum post. I can't play any in any of my game worlds because it redirects to a 404 error.

  • Dreadfull how some are using this meltdown.

    And Travian sitting on thier hands and doing nothing.

    We cant FCKING! wait on a fix till next week, next week there is no towns left in my kingdom because we cant make defcalls!

    Ceasefire NOW!

    or a rollback till before this crap happend

  • This server UNPlayable !!! Conversation not work ona any Browser, Map not work properly, fix the bad performance of connection, wrong status activity in Kingdom Profile, ....ect ! If you wont to spend money for GOLD FIX this, realy wit this BUGs UNPlayable


  • It is a known problem connected to the friends list. They are working on a fix, next week it is supposed to roll out. So just hang tight, try incognito mode on your browser too as well as refreshing the page :)

  • I want to complain here about the server com2x3. i play many years of travian and kingdom from the 1st test world. in this com2x3 it is a catastrophe. the chat is useless !!! The server is very often off line and the page has to be updated every 2-3 minutes. This makes communication with the other players impossible. If that does not improve in the next 1-2 days clearly I will delete my account. in this case kingdom is history for me, which would be a pity. the world is great to play and, if it's going well, it's great. but that's not how it works and does not make fun. In addition, I invest a lot of money in the game and may demand a proper pervormance. :thumbdown::thumbdown:


  • I thought the reports had an update were they dont actually show you who you attack or who attacks you. was thinking there was something seriously wrong tried seeking IGH as you said but no mails and keeps saying am on and off line like every 6 minutes.

  • Now it's impossible to play !!!

    My lair disappeared

    Chats do not work

    I do not even see the realm of players in the profile.

    On the past, com2x3 also lagged but not so much.

    And you want to say that you are working on the past?

  • Get some better devs, no game breaking bug should take 4/5 days to fix. Go hire a freelancer to come and fix your problem if it takes your devs to fix it in 5 days.

    Just remove the lobby friendslist, no one uses it. That is the worst part about this mess, the bug is caused by some useless feature.

  • i have this feeling about how travian devs look right now

    haha, i think the same like you :P

    And BTW, i know the sever is a big mess right now (plus my robbers appear real slow) but after all, i'm still enjoy the game :D cuz I have my things in real life too :D

    At the end of the day, this is just a game, and you guys playing it for relieve stress :D not for crying and ..... here :P