Com2x3 bad performance

  • This is freaking me out, never ever in more than 10 playing Travian/Travian kingdoms I've experienced such a bad performance.

    Since yesterday I've got an outgoing raid stuck. Loading the game takes for ages. New messages are often not highlighted leading to miss messages. Sending waves sometimes does not work properly, sometimes the 2nd waves is not sent, sometimes it let's more time between waves than it should. You need constantly to refresh the page. sometimes a 404 message shows up... Test server works fine, so it's not my conection nor my browerser.

  • Thank you for your feedback guys! That's very unfortunate :( and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Our technical team is still trying to make it work normally. I'm waiting for updates and will get back to you as soon as I have some

    Edit: The world seems to be working okay now, is that correct?

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • This bad performance caused that some gold has vanished and I got nothing from it! :cursing:
    Thanks to the bad performance of the server my wall couldnt finish when I used gold. But I was in a hurry to build my wall because I was being attacked, so I tried to reset it and my wall didn't finish and got resetted!
    BUT my gold was gone and it didn't come back!!!

  • This lag is killing the server so hard. I just ran my hero dead because the server doesnt process request correctly. It didnt place cages due to this lag. FIX YOUR SHIT ASAP TRAVIAN AND COMPENSATE FOR THIS MESS!!

  • Lots of lagggggg.....takes 10 seconds for something to drop in the queue slot after clicking on it. Village center when on crop view is like doing some sort of little jittery jig. :) Chats and personal messages don't come up unless I refresh the page. Often times when I first bring it up, kingdom isn't shown for players, and a couple times old attacks which had finished were still showing up. All the servers I've been on have had issues lately, but this one seems to be the worst. I know you are working on it, but just letting you know, another frustrated player, and wouldn't pay money for this server. (Using Microsoft Edge as browser, maybe that is the problem... :))