Offensive rank

  • Hello, I have just started a new server.
    3 days and top players have 250 averages points.
    I have attached just bandits, very quick, and I have just 33 point.
    Can you tell me how they can do it? most players have protections or chicken boots, I cannot understand where they find so much troops to attack!

  • I would guess they attacked an Oasis, because the animals also give points. Or they are above 200 population and therefore lost the beginners protection and already attacked other players.

  • 1) Robbers
    You say you have been active against robbers but 33 points in 3 days doesn't seem too big to be. Lot of the most active accounts play and build around the clock as they can often be manned by several people.
    Also to note is that bandit size scales according to your account size and troop counts which means active people get bigger robber hideouts as well.

    2) Nature
    Attacking oasis with animals in them gives you attack points and resources based on the oasis type so some people do this as well

    3) Other players
    Even though a lot of people have beginners protection or chicken boots there will always be those who don't have them. Attacking early and aggressively is good way to grow your account when you find the right targets.
    A good indicator of player battles is to check the defense points as the only PvE way of gaining those is defeating attacking robbers which is quite rare. Someone in the top defense with 150 defense points? He probably got attacked by 300 clubs and lost all of his units in the process. etc. etc.

  • Hello, thank you, make sense now for me. Didn't considered the oasis.
    So I know now that killing belves I get them scored for my ranking.
    But can I also raid a wild oasis or a kingdom's oasis?

    Also please another different question, hope it's ok to answer here:

    I do have two villages, second is 15g. Is it possible to up the resources on that to get the quest bonus? Or it will be possible just on first vilage?
    Have been told it is possible, but just want to be sure before starts... thanks again
    Have good week end :)

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  • in A kingdom oasis there are no animals but maybe someone is hiding troops there and even while in beginners protection you can attack there.

    And yes it does work to use the "all resource fields to x" in a 15c village, which goes a lot faster when you have only 3 in total of course ;)

  • Yes, in a wild oasis there can be resources. The production is, as far as I know, 1 per hour for every animal that is hiding there from the oasises resources and the storage maximum is depending on the age of the server