Want a longer server?

  • Want a longer server? 25

    1. no, it's fine like that (9) 36%
    2. 6-8 months sounds good! (1) 4%
    3. 8-10 months sounds good! (4) 16%
    4. 10-12 months sounds good! (6) 24%
    5. an endless server would be awesome! (5) 20%

    Hello, after speaking with quite a few players, (experienced or beginners) I realized a lot of us were wishing the same thing :
    No night truce servers, nor reduced crops servers or else, but only a simple modification : Longer servers. (10-14 months for exemple)

    Let me explain my proposition :
    Currently we've got around 160 days lasting servers. That's good, it's a change compared to Travian Legend, but…
    Unfortunately I think it spoils the pleasure of the game quite a bit. What i'm trying to say is, (i'm taking the exemple of an off player : ) we will have to farm for about 100 days in order to achieve a good account, 2 voff, and a nice capital, and everything should be fine.
    Then, we'll train an army for about 20-30 days (for it to be consequent).
    We are now at 130 days on the game, we can take it out and be proud to have a big one.
    And we crash, bummed out our operation maker doesn't respect our army as much as us…!
    So now we have to make a decision.
    We can rebuild an off, but it won't ba as efficient and usefull as the last one (because the end of the game is coming soon), or we can switch to def and produce troops to defend our WW .
    Thus we had fun with our toy once or twice, and we realize in the end we didn't do much of this server, because it begins to be really interesting only after the first half, when most people have a decent account to play with.

    The best option would then be to play def in order to get the most fun, the most action. But if everyone think like that, there wouldn't be any off players, and we end up into a boring game.

    The proposition is simple :
    A WW that would appear around 250 days from the start for exemple, or one at 111 days like now, but without the main building, which would double the building time.
    This is a simple idea to raise the game duration.

    However, there might be a problem : Only a few or not enough players to last a year, which would end up making a useless server as well. :/

    To prevent this issue, we could hold a large survey, (with an IG alert) in order to know who would be interested (like you did for the night truce servers. )
    We could also reduce the number of servers, to regroup the players and then have more action.

    I hope we are a lot to wish longer servers!
    We need to make some noise about it and spread the word in order for it to reach the staff, or else we're talking for nothing.

    So tell what you're thinking about the idea, don't let the others choose for you fellow players !

    Thank you a lot for reading.

  • I wonder why there's no option, no i want faster, more dynamic servers ?!

    And please STOP making Travian grinding game !!!!! You have ALOT of grinding games to play, from farmville to klondike ...

    Travian has become too much grinding over the years already, we need to make it more dynamic again, remove grey villages, force people to fight, deffend etc ... not just build build build ....

  • I wouldn't mind some longer servers. I remember sitting it out on some age old T4 server. Server went on for over a year and ended on natarians winning finally. Back then the game actually took dedication to see through, now people just want to fight fight fight and delete once they get rekt.