Starting Region - Clarification

  • I have a clarifying question regarding first village placement when starting a server. Let's pretend I want to start as close to 50|0 as possible, since I want to go to that WW for the endgame. What region do I select during the start of the server? east? south?

    My thought is that if you pick the following regions, your village will be in these coordinates. Is this true?

    • North: ( - | + ) or ( + | + )
    • East: ( + | + ) or ( + | - )
    • South: ( + | - ) or ( - | - )
    • West: ( - | - ) or ( - | + )

    Based on this, I want to settle in east to get to 50|0. Is this how the game works? Because my friends and I have picked south region before and always end up in ( + | - ). Is this just a coincidence we end up in the same corner every time? Thanks for your help!

  • North - / +
    East + / +
    South + / -
    West - / -

    If you want to get as close as possible to 50/0 you could choose east or south, since south borders to it. If you are unlucky you could end on the other side of the respective quarter, landing closer to the north (if you chose east) or west (if south) border.

    As long as both of you pick the same cardinal direction, you will always be at most 90° (from the midwonder) away from each other. On a fresh server this might only be around 15 distance units, later it might be much more ofc

  • This is bit off the topic as previous post already got you covered but if you want to go for a certain wonder before you have even registered try quick settling and then demolishing your starting village.
    Spawn as early as you can and then simply settle near the wonder you wish along with your friends, demolish your starting village and move that near your new area as well.
    It is bit worse than lucking out and spawning in the right area right from the get go but doing it this way eliminates the luck from the process and the handicap is pretty small if you spawn in early. You also get to pick your exact location and if you wish establish your base very near the wonder (which villages normally don't spawn into)

    Here's a guide that will explain the process
    Governor. Second village in 24 hours

  • Thank you both for your answers. Marshmallowman, the coordinate explanation is exactly what I needed. And I do already know about the fast settling technique, thank you for the reference again! I just like to understand parts of the game that are confusing to me.

  • Yes It's bit confusing because the isometric view point.

    The compass directions are based on your screen (so north is top, east is right and so on) while the North-South and East-West axles are actually tilted as they run trough the tiles meaning the north pole of the map is actually top right corner and the equator runs trough the top left corner trough the middle wonder to the bottom right corner.