COM2 contest details – The Roman World – Ides of March contest rewards

  • Dear players,

    COM2 is starting on the 1st of March and it will be accompanied by a unique event.

    March is the first month of the Roman year and we want to celebrate it with you! If the majority of players in the game world COM2 are playing as Romans by the Ides of March (15th of March), everyone in the game world will get the following rewards:

    • A special achievement
    • A male and a female hairstyle – Roman style!
    • A new hair color – Light grey Caesar style!

    These amazing rewards will ONLY be available on COM2. When you are using them, they will be shown in the lobby and the forum as well. Of course, just if they’re unlocked: If Roman players don’t outnumber Gauls and Teutons in COM2 by the Ides of March, they will not be unlocked.

    How can you participate?
    Start as Roman in COM2 and encourage your friends to do so too! We’ll keep track of the process and open a thread.

    Are you a Roman veteran?
    We need your help! We will open up a thread where you can share your tips with Roman newbies and win prizes too!

    Have you never played as a Roman?
    Don’t worry! You can ask your questions in these threads and also win prizes!

    What about Teutons and Gauls?
    For those of you that love the Teutons and Gauls, they will also get their special contest in the upcoming months. Just be patient!

    What about local domains?
    Don't worry, there will also be something for you! You just have to be a little bit more patient :)

    So, what do you think of the new hairstyles? Are you looking forward to the start of COM2? Let us know!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Maybe a slight boost in Culture Points for the featured tribe of the server (Romans on the upcoming com2).

    This would not only encourage more players to choose the featured tribe but in a proxy sense, the Romans brought culture to the other tribes in the way of their Empire. Seems a fitting reward for the Romans.

    Maybe something slightly different for the other tribes when their turn to be featured arises:
    (Teuton - possibly a boost in attack power when sent as siege)
    (Gaul - possibly a boost in the palisade to match the Romans 80%)

    P.S. the new achievement is more exciting. I intend to leave my avatar as is.

  • With such special features and campaign I'm sure we'll see a great number of people joining Romans. However, I will wait for my Turn.. I hope there will be something for Teutons in this server and on Teutons special server whenever that comes.
    Also, I hope that the avatar will not change and will be customizable.

  • i thought there was actually gonna be a real prize or something, not just 'hairstyle' lol :D

    i appreciate you guys trying to add new bonuses and features but.....who is going change strategies from a Gaul or Teuton gameplay, which has drastic effects on the everyday game and WAR just to get a new 'hairstyle'? Does anyone actually ever even look at their avatar after the first 10 seconds of making the account?

    I do have one question....what server time does the new world start?

  • Hi all, answering some questions :)

    @Teutonic Master These will be additional options to the avatar selection screen, you can freely choose them or not. If chosen, they will be visible also here in the forum, even for those not playing COM2.

    @Auburn#EN(1) When we did the Travian Kingdoms survey a few months back, one of the things that came up was players wanting more customization options for the hero, we're fulfilling the wishes of those players, who will surely be happy to hear about these (and the upcoming) customization options.

    These are not meant to be a game changer or alter the balance of the game in any way, since they're just cosmetic options. You can choose not to play as a Roman in COM2, of course, it is however a good opportunity for those that have never played as Romans to give them a chance and see how they do with them.

    If you have suggestions and wishes about game balance, new buildings, etc. you're always free to leave your ideas in this part of the forum: Ideas / Wishes / Suggestions

  • yes i thought more game play options will be available ... at least more achievements ...or more bonus game stuff ... a crazy thought how about 10 gold for every roman? or even better how about a bonus on buying gold ...or using gold 50% off for the allgame bonuses instead of the 30%

  • it would be nice that server begining time stands next to date of that server cause i woke up at 6am just to start it xD and now i read that it starts in 2pm