Updates suggested. Save kingdoms!

  • Hello there,

    I would like to suggest some updates, without it this game become more and more boring. In my mind these updates would help to maintain players activity and sustain unlimited friendly kingdoms (wing kingdoms) creative.

    1) 25 members per kingdom. We need this, since now all the servers playing simcity game, one big family - it's the worst thing for players activity.
    2) 50 members per union.
    3) SS management should be more administrative to its creator, like chat system, even the one who created that topic, can't close worthless chats and stuff- that shouldnt be like that.
    4) Whats the code for robbery camps!?!?! During com7 server, all robbery camps appear on the same spot, every time. It shouldn't be like that- if that's a bug, too bad, since it lasts more than 80 days already.

    Going to continue adding stuff there . I hope other people will read this post, and put their own suggestions. <3

  • Since the only thing you get by winning a server is a medal, nothing will prevent a big meta of friendly kingdom.

    On the other hand, if the winning prise were to be a sum of gold divided between the members of a realm, this would give a reason for each kingdom to play for their own and to try to stay small.
    Let human greed do the job.

    Or maybe give away some cosmetics ?

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  • Suggestion 3 is great
    Suggestion 4 is probably not necessary. The problems with camps I have found only happen when the space inside the kingdom is very limited. Though a fix for this could be to allow camps to spawn up to 2 tiles outside of kingdom borders.

    Suggestions 1 and 2 actually hurt small teams.
    You start out a round solo king, manage to have a good round, expand and then cap yourself out with 50 players after merge. Your feeling good that your kingdom is strong and you are prepared to take a wonder but then what's this? You look at the other side of the map and you find Meta1, Meta2, Meta3, Meta-K, Meta-ABC and Meta+Meta totalling 250 players. Now you are sad because your chances of winning just went out the air because you can't grow your kingdom legitimately anymore. In addition to making you sad, it will also make the players of the wings of the meta kingdom sad as only the lucking or the best or favored players get to be in the primary kingdom that actually wins the game while the other members are left without medals.

    You simply can't limit things like team size without basically screwing over a lot of people. Instead to make teams smaller you have to make it so that people themselves have a motivation to not only not join big kingdoms but also for the big kingdoms to be selective in who they take in.

    On the other hand, if the winning prise were to be a sum of gold divided between the members of a realm,

    This for example is a better suggestion. It doesn't exactly stop the meta from forming but the leaders of the strongest kingdom might avoid from taking in too many players in hopes of making the pot bigger for themselves.
    That being said such a solution is not perfect either, it can not only backfire hilariously as it might create even more and stronger metas (turning every sever into a 1v1) as it lacks the incentive for people to not join who ever is strongest and it can lead to unhealthy situations such as kings kicking the new players on the last weeks and such which would definitely have to be stopped somehow.

  • This for example is a better suggestion. It doesn't exactly stop the meta from forming but the leaders of the strongest kingdom might avoid from taking in too many players in hopes of making the pot bigger for themselves.

    But safeguards would be required to prevent the leaders of the massive Kingdom that guarantees the win from booting out all but the chosen few in the final stages.

  • I agree something should be done....especially with the advent of a friends list, more and more players will be grouping together to join servers, so we will see more and more "super groups" starting servers. I think limiting kingdoms to a certain number might be detrimental, but perhaps a system of "revenue sharing" of sorts when a kingdom exceeds more than perhaps....double population(or another measurement) in which smaller kingdoms would receive a benefit of some sort.......might be a better route to go.

    Additionally, I understand Deacon's position as i am also on Com7....and im sure there will be a mass exodus of deletions to other...more competitive servers shortly.

  • I think limitations would work out a lot. Simple there would be like kicking semi-active members and joining only the active ones. In this way, you would get a chance to create an active kingdom, in example each player can easily get 10 villages, so there would be 500 villages from only 1 kingdom, do you imagine what it would be if we would get at least 10 kingdoms with strong management on the server by the time WW appears? Since now, its only few spikes for a meta kingdom.

    I would agree on a some kind of bonus pool for a wining team.

    But if TRAVIAN ADMINISTRATION not going to do a thing, this game is doomed, you already changed gold usage system to boost gold usage and purchases, but when a game getting rusty, make BIG changes or go home, in this scenario it seems that kingdoms gonna die pretty soon.

  • I think there should be a limit that each kingdom can only have one WW. I'm not in favor of limiting the number of members for kingdom. I've been in kingdoms that would've benefited from that and kingdoms that would've been hurt by that but I don't think that such limits would make the game better.

  • Sadly, im not sure how a fix would work. Kingdom Unions was meant to establish strong ties between smaller kingdoms and entice diplomacy, but all ive seen so far is that its encouraging strong groups to merge together.....basically 2 separate strong core groups join the server at the beginning....on day 30 those 2 groups merge....thats the end of the server.

    Travian is going to have to thoroughly refine this Kingdoms Union to prevent such mergers or get rid of Unions all together....cause in my opinion it will be the doom of this game.

  • You will just have sister alliances. Many kingdoms do a merger near the end which effectively removes almost everyone not near a WW. It's very sad if you ask me. They should really bring back the center grey area and all WWS should be there. That was extremely competitive and fun. The WWs are so spread out that there is no real game play after the first couple weeks other than Sim City.... because everyone near the WW in your area is already merged or teamed up by then. Most farming is on inactive players and small kings.

  • I would like to see a place that players can go between games. Maybe play short games against sim's to hone strategy.
    And also, to carry hero from game to game instead of having to reinstate him each time.

  • Try playing with DWS in com2x3, they take half of map, if you want to attack someone you need to send minimum 5 hrs long way without rams or catas. I didn't attack anyone like a month, cuz it's way too far away for attacking