Dry season game world

  • Would you like to play another Dry Season game world soon? 465

    1. Yes, sure (325) 70%
    2. Only with changes regarding... (please write your wishes in the comments) (28) 6%
    3. Nice idea but not for me (112) 24%

    Dear players
    it's been a while since the last dry season game world so with the spring season approaching, this time we'd like to ask you for some feedback regarding the dry season mode game worlds: Did you play the first dry season world COM6? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to play on such world again? What would you like to see improved/changed?

    We'll select randomly 5 comments that will win 25 Gold each

    Best regards

  • I would play with a real system of seasons , having impact on troop movements.

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  • I haven't played the last round but I can imagine the difficulty. And I believe a good hammer trained there wouldnt be appreciated enough, therefore it would be too much efford for me. Similarly, a big issue is, some people keep sharing their speed server hammer reports and boasting, but many people don't realize it is not possible to train the same army in a normal server. Not even close.

    Therefore, what I recommend first is there should be 3 different symbols somewhere in the report for each type of server (speed, normal, dry season) so that the difficulty of the server is obvious, when comparing numbers and keeping records.

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  • I missed out on playing the Dry season server. I would heartily support 'real' seasons or even areas having differing benefits/drawbacks. Anything that levels the playing field more evenly.

    A bit more assistance for those that are a little less active might encourage more to stay on a server longer.

  • Well i played it for a few, but since it was 1x speed not for long :) However i feel it takes even more time from you, as you need to farm alot to get crop ... also since there's too much time involved into upgrading crops, you need ALOT more gold to hurry other things, or you're behind fast, not for me :)

  • I played the Dry Season on we FnF won on COM6.
    The hammers were much smaller due to the crop issue, so that made it a little easier for more players to do battle against eachother.
    It was at times a little boring more like a sim farmville which many had to do to feed their armies. It took gold buying to build/upgrade with any kind of speed, so your strategy on troop/res/building was defiently a challenge, especially for new players, ended up teaching many to keep them in the game, especially for those that don't buy gold, so building Def seemed to be the way many played. You need hundreds of players in your kingdom since the armies weren't huge for the Def of the WW, which if I remember correctly we had 4.9mil mixed def troops to defend with.
    You need to balance it out if you start another with some kind of higher reward for crop to lv 10 and city lv15. Maybe higher lv for cities. change the bonus crop from active treasures probably delete it. Then it would be DRY, very dry season.
    Depending on when it starts I would play it again. ;-)