Why is it favorable to pick North over any other quadrant?

  • So, A few years back I had posted the same question on the NL-Forum and had gotten a half-assed response, so I thought I'd post it again here. My apologies if it has been already, but here goes:

    Why is the Northern quadrant more favorable to pick when in the Tutorial it's clearly stated that choosing one quadrant over another doesn't affect gameplay in any way?

    Please see the following picture of the WW located at (0|0) and the distance between it and the nearest fields surrounding it.
    Notice how the fields up top are much closer to the WW than those at the bottom. This makes for some unfair gameplay. The players located North have an easier time settling their villages north of the WW (where they are closer to the WW) than players whose initial villages are in the Southern quadrant. From those newer villages (which, again, are closer to the WW than those south of it) they have a better time conquering and defending the WW once conquered than players South of the WW would have.
    Is this fair?

    When I first asked this question, the answer went something like "Well that's the design choice we went for and with it comes its pros and cons.", but then I'd ask do we really put asthetics over fair gameplay?

    And then there are some who might think a difference of 2 fields isn't a big deal. To you I'll ask, do you send in a siege attack before or after your raid? After all, what difference would 1 second make, right?

  • Well, east is as far away as north without having to deal with tktest, so id give it the edge.

    I dont really see the unfairness since everyone can chose north/east at the beginning.
    In addition, since it is better in N/E there might be more poeple intending to spawn there leading to more conflict and less resources remaining for the winning party to defend or contest the wonder with.

    Mid wonder is the toughest to defend so whoever gets it is at a disadvantage anyway.

  • The gameplay is quite fair though, just because it's not equal doesn't mean it's not fair or that anyone doesn't have good chances. Asymmetry creates interesting choices.
    Yes northside of any particular wonder has the advantage of securing that wonder but what is the problem with that? It just means you have to work harder to secure those tiles for your kingdom should you want to succeed.
    Conquer the villages, level them to the ground or simply settle them from the getgo yourself and defend the location and now you control the advantage.

    This is similar to say 15c tiles. They aren't inherently fair, should I get one because I started the server earlier than you that gives me a big advantage but the advantage and disadvantage makes the game more fun to play.
    Oasis are another thing that are not fair, you could be gifted a powerful starting location randomly and that's not fair. The devs could very easily make the map homogenous with either all tiles being the same or some sort of repeating pattern that's balanced to all directions but this would just make the game less fun.

    For example in my current server (the new com 2) I have a pretty good cropper just 3 tiles from my start location which I intend to conquer while a similar cropper last round was 15 tiles away from my location. Is that really fair? No it's not. Does it have to be? No to that either.

    Starting at the server start in north is probably the best way to "guarantee" yourself a wonder as you have guaranteed access to a wonder from the best side BUT there is downsides to this as well. Since the advantage is known lot of teams want to start there which creates more competition. In addition should you start early and fail to secure mid wonder (maybe you lose that position to a rival kingdom) your best options are either the border wonder with west which is far or the Norths natural back wonder but now you are stuck approaching that from the south side putting you at a disadvantage.

    I think the only thing that is actually imbalanced is the fact that starting early + choosing north is the only reliable way of starting near a wonder. Should you want to go for any other wonder you either have to start late and be placed up to 50 tiles away from the intended target (sometimes even more) OR you have to start early in one of the other quads and hence "waste" the early start. They could help this issue (if people even consider this an issue) by increasing the no start zone around center wonder, which I could see being done (or even just shifting the no start zone 2 tile northwards.)

    As @Marshmallowman above pointed out, the fact that anyone can choose the seemingly strong choice makes the choice fair.

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  • This so called advantage should be correlated in more games won by teams on north quadrant if it truly is an advantage

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have played T4 Travian. Since then I preferred to take NW or North or -|+ Quadrant. Aside from WW things, The reason was very simple.. Back in those days strong teams used to settle in East Which would make the game tough there and till mid game most of the players in that region had no idea what will happen. Those fights without any doubt makes game a lot of fun but still made it difficult for later game and winning.

    Due to a lot of difficulty in East Especially lots of Fights and not much savings for WW time The players who wished to play till end They started to pick north. Time by time the number of Palyers settling in North Started to increase on each server. As most players who picked it, They wished to play till end thus the players in North made really strong teams.

    North Provided balance back then in terms of difficulty and fun. So people playing in North were able to play for most of the time than people in other quads. This made more players joining North.

    Now a days, People just pick it cause they get this direction from their teams, These days North has same competition as East had once. Btw, There are teams who play in their preferred regions which could be East, South and West as well.

    Well, These are my thoughts. It'll be great to see more interesting thoughts.

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