Roman Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest

  • Legios is a good option, when you have enough resources invest praetorians, and for your defense make both. ++ Dont forget make imperians for your assaults. i think for start can do that.

    This sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Ask any experienced player what he thinks when he sees such an army - a few of this type, a few of that type and a few of another. When it comes to upgrading that's 3 different troop types to upgrade. While all three are around level 8 or 9, my troops are at 20, all backed by the hero's weapon, whereas only a third of yours are. Bad, bad strategy.

    Legions, Legions, Legions in your first village at the start. And then EIs for raiding.

    What you do next depends on lots of factors, but I wouldn't build Praets in my first village. Legions are decent in both attack and defence. You can switch to Imperians later if you don't need the def. Build the Praets (and the Scouts) somewhere(s) else. Defence village should concentrate on one troop (or maybe one infantry, one cavalry).

  • Well it's simple and no different as with other tribes, upgrade fields, avoid losing units and geting farmed. Maybe it's little harder with Romans as units are more expencive and is little harder to deffend yourselfe, so i'd suggest dodge early attacks, and make production, later start farming inactives and thats it..

  • Quote from ElegantLexi#EN(1)

    Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?

    Romans can be either offense or defensive. They offer the best infantry defense/crop consumption troop, praetorians, the best cavalry offense/crop consumption troop the EC (this is with a lvl 20 Horse Drinking Pool), and the best infantry offensive/crop consumption (imperian). This however, come at the cost of expensive training, upgrades, and a long training time. Furthermore, you have the strongest catapults and the infamous emporer which are also best in class but, they are also very expensive. If you can set up a Roman hammer you are an asset to your alliance. If you can set up a Roman anvil you are an asset to your alliance.

  • Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?

    I would look above at what I said, might find it helpful :)

    I would rather ask to deepen the principle of exponential development exposed by many guides on the Romans that are on the net, in a few words I would like to understand if a Roman is faster to develop a farmer or offender?And why

    This won't be quite as applicable, but I will share my experience in non-kingdom servers with this question: It depends completely how thorough you are in your raiding. If efficiency can be defined as resources:troop-losses ratio, then in order to be sucessful as a raider, you need to be extremely successful in being efficient.

    With smart decisions, you can easily be in top 20 population wise without sending a single attack, and I can confirm that I have done this, and it is not difficult. First step is get all non-wheat fields to level 7. And wheat fields to level 6 and raise them as needed. This is one of the most mathematically efficient places for resource fields and upgrading buildings will be a piece of cake (as a roman, you can do both at the same time, but focus on resource fields). When you settle your second villa, very fast because you arent wasting your resources producing troops, you level those resource fields up non-stop. Its not exciting, but for the first few villages, focus on resource fields. They are farms, and you are farming them. Once you get to 3-4, that is when you can start boosting them to kingdom come.

    Two more points I would like to make: You should not build buildings you have no intention of using just to get the population to boost your stats. That is how you waste resources and while you think it might make you look better (which it very frequently does), it will not help you in the long run. In your villages, make sure you level up the buildings that produce very efficient culture points. These are what will help you settle further villages.

    I am not very well versed on the culture point system in Kingdoms, but leveling up buildings that help you with culture points a lot is what will really help you. As romans, you are good at this.

  • It is my first time with Romans, between accepting the challenge to the administrators of Travian and to challenge myself.

    I suffer panic imagining the caesaris eating cereals, so I have thought a defense of praetorians with spearmen of a German, will be an effective defense?

    and another question,

    what combination of village production would be interesting in the medium-long term? (3-4-5-6)? Thanks!

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  • should i build up troops 24/7 when i play as a Roman?

    Of course yes. When you can. It is always recommended. My advice is to specialize in villages in some types of troops to save costs when going up to the smithy.
    As for a Roman is on the defensive or not. Maybe both are good options. Be a defender and be offensive. Since the Roman cesaris are the best attackers of all. Defense is also superior to all other Traian soldiers. They are expensive to make and your cereal intake is very high. But already compensate a few Roman horses, whether caesaris or imperatoris, are able to kill many Germanic troops, for example.
    The legionaries are new and do not have access to the academy. It can be used in the first days to dock and obtain materials. But they are also very balanced when defending, which have the same defensive value against cavalry as against enemy infantry.
    And now we go to an additional tip.
    It has always been said that the Praetorians defend well. Or the German spearmen.
    But, even when dealing with offensive soldiers, a desperate defense with the imperatoris is much better than nothing and it is not a far-fetched idea used for defense in external cases. That's clear. Even so, let's not forget that its defensive value is much higher than that of German defensive soldiers. The empires have a value of 40 against the infantry and 25 against the cavalry. While a German pitcher defends 35 infantry and 60 against cavalry. (Do not forget that the imperatoris are offensive soldiers) and the values are very close, even surpass the value of the spearmen as the defensive soldiers against the infantry.

    Another tip is that although the Germans play hard from the start, it is very easy for them to make basic soldiers from the start and quickly train the spies, as they are much cheaper to obtain. They can maintain a high degree of cereal negatives and use their robberies. For the Roman is not so easy. So a good infrastructure goes through the increase of cereal crops faster than others, or their negatives would begin to be impossible to allow the game.

    Unlike. For novices or newcomers to the game. The Romans are the best. As long as you find good guidelines on how to start. For newcomers it is more convenient to build two things instead of just one and the evolution, despite being slow, is apparently very good. I do not agree with what you have been told. Nor should the novice players always be defensive. I do not believe in that duality in principle. They always taught me to play in a "misnamed mixed (off or def) way but must be a bit autonomous and create troops to be able to self-defend a bit and also have fast and strong soldiers to dock something and get resources, without that's not too easy to do things in travian.

  • i have never played with romans before , but mostly because i think it's defensive tribe , is that true ?

    and i like to be aggressive , so can i know which troop i should focus on as a roman ?

    and how to strength my defence and offensive as a roman ?


  • How to Roman.
    Best answer is,you don t they roman you.
    Best tribe in whole opportunity for quick advance duo to 2 building timers going in same time(one building construction and one resource field upgrade).That means advance at double speed which is amazing if you have nice resource income,Tip number 1. Be offensive to earn enough resource to power your constructions
    2.The strongest troops in game but the most expensive(so farm only secured targets to save as much as possible,remember its not about how much you pillage its about how much you earned resources when you take down all of expenses
    3.When you have good income from fields and army plunders you can start with heavy advance (building as much villages as possible,taking control of the map)
    4.A lot of tutorials say best way to farm is with imperatoris.Tryed it more then enough times and never worth(Imperians rulez)
    5.Enjoy your supremacy and your troop Power and low food consumption equility while you are growing in population.
    6.Soon enough your farm players will start to turn to you because its in his intrest to stop farming them.
    7.And yea personal deffers will apeat too.
    From this part on you can do whatever you want.Those are just quick tips about my experience i hope it helps.

  • Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?



    PRAETORIANS - the standing defence

    Roman Praetorians are the strongest one crop eating defence against footsoldiers so these are highly welcome as standing defence making romans a good choice for less active players to produce troops and send them away ;)
    As the research for thepratorians isnt very expensive dont go for a great barrack but build them additional in another village or even more to get a high output on troops if needed after your defencesive troops are whiped out by an
    attacker - time will be your enemy if you are not prepared ...

    Don't raid with Praetorians - they are slow and bad offensive troops!
    Work together with gauls to mix your troops in chase of an attack ...

    LEGATIE - fast any cheap to hold scouts
    the horse drinking trough makes them only consume 1 crop and you can build them faster in the stable with this unique roman building - a + for the legati in the later game when numbers are higher.
    tiki-index.php?page=Horse Drinking Trough (Romans)

    If you want to go for faster troops you can later in the game build Equites Caesari they work fine as Off and Deff Troops but build a horse drinking trough to let them consume less crop.


    THe Horse Drinking Trough makes your Units much cheaper in crop consumption - so build lager numbers and dont waste them too early.

  • I'm a def player and usually play Gaul, but have tried Romans before briefly, and have sat for an experienced player who had roman troops. They need of Iron, that was the big thing I remember. And Praetorians seemed to be the best defense, as they seem to have the best infantry defense / crop consumption of all troop types in the game (right? Correct me if I'm wrong). When playing as a Gaul, I would keep enough offense, (Swords and TTs) to keep up with robber hideouts and camps. Then spam phalanx. So I'm thinking as a Roman def player for my style, make enough offense (Legos? and ECs?) and then spam praets.

    For my style of play, I'm thinking of keeping enough Legionnaires as my offense infantry unit instead of Imperians. My primary reason for that, is because the Legionnaires do have decent cavalry defense, and once I get to the big attacks on WW stage of the game I can essentially use my offense at that point as a halfway decent defense. I realize this will mean I'll have higher crop consumption, because there will be a lot more Legos needed to have the same attacking power as Imps. But I still think that trade off is worth it as a def player.

    But I'm not sure what offense cavalry unit to make. EIs are cheaper and quicker to make and are better at farming and less crop consumption, but the ECs have better def stats and better attack power. I'm thinking of going with ECs, as I can also use them as halfway decent def at the end of the server, but I don't know if the reduced crop consumption and faster speed and carrying capacity makes EI's much more easy to manage the crop consumption. I also do rely a lot on farm lists using TT's as a Gaul player...and maybe that means EIs would be a better fit for me, as they are better at farming. If I end up with at least twice as many EIs at the end of a server compared with ECs, the defense would overall be better with the EIs. I'd appreciate any recommendations from experienced Roman players. Especially def players who also like to keep enough offense for robber hideouts/camps and possibly only for raiding as well.

  • i would like to know what troops are the best when you start as a deff player?'
    the most comon def trops for deff romans are the praetorians but for the sake of the hideaout i should make legionarie or imperian troops?
    maybe i should just make praetorians and wait for the attack??

    early on, legios are fine vs robbers and they double as pretty decent def aswell. later (with 3+ villages) dedicate one for off, where you train a tiny hammer (imps and either EI or EC) for farming (if you are up for it) and clearing robbers. Add a single ram once your hammer hits 1k for the huge damage increase. makes robbers melt like mischievous butter.

    You could wait for the attack but 1) at some point you would want to attack them anyway for the res/treasures/xp and 2) it takes a considerable long time until they finally attack so you will get new robbers later (as they only spawn once their predecessor is cleared) and thus less resources/treasures for your kingdom/xp over the course of the whole server

  • i would like to know what troops are the best when you start as a deff player?'
    the most comon def trops for deff romans are the praetorians but for the sake of the hideaout i should make legionarie or imperian troops?
    maybe i should just make praetorians and wait for the attack??

    Hi, I play as roman def, in the main village you should be focus on basically create legios, since they can be send also to raid or attack other players, wich is amazing, legios stats: 5th in attack per cost, 3rd in inf.def per cost, 2nd in cavalry def per cost, 5th in raiding (better than imperians). For me its the best unit of the game, it allows you to build a legion of legios in the main village to clean robbers camp raid etc (with the other tribes you are forced to build some offensive) Praetorians is the oposite of them, its probably the best defensive unit in the late game since his defs/crop are the best and for turtle in a WW are also the best, but they are expensive as fak (actually 3 legios cost close the same than 2 praets and def kinda better) and they are SLOW, really slow... In my experience my legios could deffend my allies several times, while praets didnt arrive on time (the late game is full of catas so the speed of the defensive trops didnt really matter) You should check this post, it has kinda important information: Praetorian "sucks" and inactives villages/players.

    In my opinion if you are full def you dont have to waste on imperians, much better legios, or even if you can raid a lot get a group of EI.

    PD: if do need something else send a message here or ingame (same nick). Saludos :)

  • @w3s4 # EN
    The Roman army is one of the strongest of all. So you can be one of the best offensive players if you wish. It is a bit more expensive to make troops, the consumption of horses is higher, but you also have the trough. And with a few imperators you can steal more than others (maybe not as fast as the Gallic thunder) but they are strong. And you will have less losses when you attack inactive players with a bit of static defense than other players.

    A few hundred ceasaris can kill many thousands of Clubswinger. The Germans make great amount of soldads in number. But Spearfighter disappear like ice before the fire of a Roman attack.

  • Hello, As an experienced player with the Roman race, to say that it is one of the most balanced races although its high cost and its long duration of creation with the troops is worth it in the long term, besides the advantage of being able to create both a square of fields as well as Infrastructure gives any player extra growth. Without a doubt, I believe that the Romans are the best race, although each one has its strong points but the Romans are above the others.