Roman Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest

  • CLAIM: I cannot stress enough how valuable and extremely underrated the Legionnaire is, especially in the early game and for governors.

    Note #1: Some of you out there may see numbers and run away but I really tried to avoid nasty maths to make it as simple as possible.
    Note #2: I know it's long but its really just me spacing it out because if i didn't there is no way anyone would be able to understand my reasoning behind my claim.
    Note #3: Really if you trust me enough you could just skip to the end and take my word for it, but I challenge you to try and understand at least some of this.

    Let's look at the Legionnaire Stats

    Total Resource Cost: 225 Resources
    Attack = 40*
    Loot Capacity = 50*
    Def (Infantry) = 35
    Def (Calvary) = 50
    Def (Total) = 85

    Now let's compare him to a similar adversary the Gallic Phalanx

    Total Resource Cost = 235 Resources
    Attack = 15*
    Loot Capacity = 35*
    Def (Infantry) = 40
    Def (Calvary) = 50
    Def (Total) = 90

    These Travian Buddies are very similar in their cost and both of their defensive stats, However, something should already be obvious here.
    Hint: look at the attack difference and the carry capacity that I so nicely marked with a little star .

    Some people may make the argument that it is the swordsman that helps 'balance out' the phalanx and together a sword/phalanx army combo is better than a purely legionnaire one.

    Okay, Let's see if this is true.

    Here are the swordsman's stats for reference

    Total Resource Cost = 295
    Attack = 65
    Loot Capacity = 45
    Def (Infantry) = 35
    Def (Calvary) = 20 <-- :(
    Def (total) = 55

    Here comes the 'scary part' (it's not all that scary i promise)

    For the sake of simplification we'll give the Roman a 100,000 Resource allowance for troops
    Also we'll give the Gaul a 100,000 resource allowance for their troops

    The Roman would be able to produce: 444 Legionnaires

    The Gaul would be able to produce: 213 Phalanxes & 169 Swordsman
    **50,000 spent on phalanxes, 50,000 spent on swordsman**

    These are the total stats of the Roman army:

    444 legionnaires:
    Attack = 17,760
    Loot Capacity = 22,200
    Def (Infantry) = 15,540
    Def (Calvary) = 22,200
    Def (Total) = 37,740

    These are the total stats of the Gaul army:

    Gaul Army:
    Attack = 14,180
    Loot Capacity = 15,060
    Def (Infantry) = 14,435
    Def (Calvary) = 14,030
    Def (Total) = 28,465

    *to give a more practical indication of army strength i excluded Phalanx attack and Swordsman defense*
    Practical Gaul Army:
    Attack = 10,986
    Loot Capacity = 10,985
    Def (Infantry) = 8,520
    Def (Calvary) = 10,650
    Def (Total) = 19,170

    again for reference:

    444 legionnaires:
    Attack = 17,760 62% better
    Loot Capacity = 22,200 102% better
    Def (Infantry) = 15,540 82% better
    Def (Calvary) = 22,200 108% better
    Def (Total) = 37,740 97% better

    Full Circle: Legionnaires are amazing and uber ultra mega super duper underrated they are IMO the best single troop in the game and are a governor's best friend and should most definitely not be overlooked.
    Sorry for the long post and possible headache I just really like Legionnaires and wish they got the love they really deserve.

  • A lot of mini guides covered many aspects already, but many also cover strategies that only matter for single players / casual gamers.

    Regardless of the faction: Get a team.

    For Romans specific: Build as many troops as necessary to make yourself unattractive. I am one of those Teuton players that raids little romans when too many ress are in their storage. Main weapon for this are clubs. Pretorians with a medium sized wall at the start + a hero skilled on combat is something I won't attack.

    So look for a team, make a minimum defense to be unattractive for attacks and build up. Romans need to go heavy on culture production and settling new villages. Upgrade ress fields primarily, then cheap CP buildings, like main building, market place and academy.

    Expand quickly and scale up ressource production. To go on heavy troop production in early midgame is a good advise. if you expand properly you can have 6-8 villages in early midgame and a crop village. With that combination you can start building in a lvl 20 Barracks and pump Pretorians. Legionnaires fill a niche which you don't really need. In the very very early game you can hit robbers with it. But later on you are much better off building just pretorians and exchange deff troops with a teammate. Pretos work very well with Phalanx and Spearfighters.

    Off Roman: Farm inactives. Scout first and make farm lists. Equites Imperatoris are preference for farming, for a bash hammer you want to take Equites Caesaris - they have a shorter buildtime. Imperians build slowly, but are the most efficient infantry off unit in the game. If you build a hammer you want to build those at all times. If you use no gold, then Equites Imperatoris can be a good alternative to Caesaris as the ress consumption blends better than with Caesaris. When you calculate the ress consumption please also take into account that Rams are vital. You need them and you need a lot of them. They cost a lot of wood, so you might end up with too much wood consumption.

    As a beginner I would do the following for the very beginning:
    Look for a team to play with and make sure you find a Kingdom that is strong in your surrounding. The very start is the part of the game where you need to be the most active. Rush through the quests and get your ress fields up. After 48 hours on a normal speed server you can have your village 2. If it is later than that it is no problem, but you should have it before the end of your newbie protection. Then build some troops at the end of your newbie protection time and make sure you are no attractive target.

  • While it sounds a little crazy, I like to build nothing but crannies to level 6 in my village (about 10 of them) and push my fields to 5's ASAP. From there, you have a good CP production at a low price, and resource production is moderate. That enables you to start raiding if you wish (I have been #1 robber with legionnaires, imps, and EI's -- all are good raiding units) or take a more laid back economic approach in your push to settlement.

  • You won't see a single experienced/seasoned player building legionnaires for offense.

    You got a very very basic and fundamental thing wrong.
    There are OFF and DEFF units. You attack with offensive units and defend with defensive units.

    That there are some units that kinda form a bridge between the two does not mean that it is good to build them. For defense build pretos, for offense Imperians. Nothing in between.

    Why? Because there are specializations in this game. Once you play in a Kingdom you play either Off or Deff. Hybrid approaches don't work. And by hybrid I don't mean the off player that builds a small deff for emergencies or the Deff player with a little farm off.
    You have to play a role in your kingdom. And that role is playing Off or Deff. For Off you should be experienced and using gold actively. It is very difficult to play Off successfully without any gold usage.

    Coming back to your Legionaires: They have 85 defense value. By that they are one of the worst single crop defense units. Pretorians have 100/crop and are by that the best single crop defense unit. Followed by Spearfighters. Gauls have Phalanx which is still okay, but not good. Gauls strength is mounted defense and by that they fit whole different roles.

    Also at the beginning you need to protect against Teuton bash raiders. Those that willingly kill some units to get the juicy ress. Legionnairs are more expensive and have less defense value vs Clubs attack value. Usually those players have far superior troop counts and can kill your legionaires with little losses.

    The only use is at the very start for hitting robbers and if you have no deff partner to exchange units to get a little anti cav defense into your preto defense.

  • Yes i totally agree in the middle and end of the game Legi spam definitely doesn't cut it Imperians and Prats have their specialties and are amazing at it i'm merely talking about how many players 'skip' the legi just because it's a jack of all trades but a master in none. But in terms of a defensive governor making phalanxes and a group of swordsman to clear out the hideouts isn't as efficient as making Legionnaires. And with crop you're totally right the spearmen pretorian combo is very efficient in terms of crops, but again i guess i should have emphasized the fact that im merely comparing allocative efficiency of the basic resources. Lastly, yeah don't build legionnaire hammers that's not going to work out very well. You're right on much of what you said and i'm glad you brought this up because i'm not promoting that people 24/7 queue legionnaires 2 months into the game

  • Well I love the Roma that they are very strong and imperiators are the perfect soldiers,
    the strategy is to build a new village with a 9 or 15 wheat for village 2, here I will produce the emperor and send the defense to the first village
    in the village of 3. 4 5. 6 ..... in the village I produce the same protection, ie body and legion, and I send them to the wheat village
    this is a very good strategy

  • I only played defensive for a few years. Mostly gaul, but sometimes roman.
    My number one to know about romans is this:
    - good development because of double building
    - strong troops
    - slow troops. I've missed a lot of def calls because of that. You should settle close to action :)
    - expensive troops. I couldn't always keep up high troop number early on. But later - it's not as important.
    - weak merchants. Until you get enough resources for trade office it's painful to send resources

    All in all, I would say romans are used better as an offensive hammer building force. But it's definetely viable as defender. If you get to late game :)

  • I've been playing a LOT of romans during 10 years. There are a few very important things to note, when chosing romans. Raiders, espesially teutons, will seek you out early on bcs they often suspect you of simming too much and not training the nec troops to defend. Since dodging is very important untill you can properly defend youself, these attacks may ruin your servers golden start. The ultimate weakness of romans is cavalry in weeks 2-3 of a 3x server. So make sure you have spears/phalanx in you villages or go for early EC. This is not ideal since the resos really favor imperian/EI with drinking trough at least lvl 15 and a decent helmet.

    In my own experience it it is best to have do different villages by type. Factories (cities with GS/GB for off-village) surrounded by 3 lvl 10 reso-tile villages(feeders) to ensure constant resos even though you don't actually raid. With raiding it is ofc much easier to amass the resos. DON'T forget the DT!!!

    I've noticed that many romans are top raiders. This is due to the excellence of EI and TS. I usually have one or 2 villages making them for raiding besides the 'hammer' witch is for big attacks.

  • would you get the stolen good if you just get attack by the hideout ? if not, going only preto make you loose troop from hideout, and dont get the stolen goods for more ressoruce to build more troops !?

    No you dont get any stolen gods if defending an attack from hideouts. What I do is:
    1: Make sure you allways level up your heros damage (both for losing hp on adventures but also to clear troops in hideouts)
    2: From strat you train Legio troops for helping clearing early hideouts ( around 50 would be max) (later in you can train upto 200 imps and 200 Equites Imperatoris to help clearing hideouts)
    3: If I feel a new hideout has to strong troops for me to kill off. Then I wait til the hideout attacks (takes most time on normal spead 30-35h but could on 25-35h) then I attack the hideout because then it has alot of there troops out so I kill it off easier. Importent thing here is to do this + clearing all the Resources out Before the hideout attack lands on you. Then the attack is deleted.

    Another thing you can do if you feel that the hideouts are giving you problems killing off. You lose to much troops by doing this. You can allways then "stall a hideout respawn" by not clear all the Resources in the hideout.
    What I do is making sure that I keep atleast 50 Resources each off all. Then the hideout stays (for ever?) and you can train, build or what you need without getting stressed out by Another hideout is appering. Downside is ofcause that you stop recieving new treasures but it give you a break from losing troops. You can do this on either one of them and keep the other one respawning or do it on both.

  • Started a bit late and always played gauls in T3.
    Would you say it's better to build a hammer in a 6c with 125% crop bonus or a 9c with 75%? The 15c with 50% near me are all gone ;_;

  • hi

    this is my first time playing Romans.
    if i am being attached. there is only Prehistorians to defend? there is not enough defensive troops


    Yes Romans have praetorians for infantry defence .their cavalary defence is EC but they are too expensive to be used for def so i strongly recomend training praetorians and ask some gauls for phalanx or teuons for spears when you need to defend your self .

  • From my experience
    they are great to play and a fearful tribe to fight against and would definitely recommend them to anyone but they do have cons after all any tribe has a pros and cons so i will state them.
    The pros :are great off and def capabilities they are Romans after all 8)

    The cons : they require a lot of resources so take note that you need to farm a lot so you could have a decent army and take a lot of time to train their units X/

    I would like to start with the buildings
    The wall provides a great defense bonus at 81% ! but there is a price to pay for this and that is a weaker wall strength against rams
    It is more vulnerable to damage and more likely to get crushed by rams.
    small note Stonemason's lodge doesn't increase wall strength so keep that in mind

    merchants only carry 500 resources which it is the lowest amount among all tribes sadly.

    Horse Drinking Through is a special building that Romans got and it is important for lowering cavalry's corp consumption by 1

    Next The troops

    Romans are really powerful but they are expensive to train and take a long time to train

    Legionaries are decent troops but i would avoid using them on def alone against infantry but they are good against cavalry so keep them around to support your praetorians

    Praetorian they are the best def troops against infantry and will hold the line against the biggest armies but they lack the strength against cavalry so they would need a good support against cavalry. you can use legionaries to support them against cavalry :)

    Imperian is the best off infantry in the game period. 8)

    Equites Imperatoris good cavalry unit and it is well suited for raiding because they got a decent speed and they carry a good amount of resources

    Equites Caesaris this unit is like a tank. It is slow, heavy and crushes everything on sight :thumbup:

    Rams are decent.

    Fire Catapult this unit is the strongest of all catapults in the game since roman engineering is the best after all :thumbsup:

    Senator is also the best for lowering loyalty of other villages.

    As for early game strategy the only tip i can give is Legionnaires are your friends build them as much as possible for raiding not for defending. They provide a good off force and they are the cheapest unit in the roman army. After you get your stable focus on training Equites Imperatoris because they are the best troops for farming. they provide a good speed and carry good amount of resources.
    after the switch from legionnaires to Equites Imperatoris for farming keep a decent amount of legionnaires at your village for def against cavalry as a support of praetorians

    I hope this helped and if you got any questions please feel free to ask :)

  • What is the best/fastest way to generate Culture Points (cp's)?

    Buildings that passively generate CP are usually the most cost-effective. Otherwise you have to hold parties like Small feasts or Large feasts. These cost a large amount of resources and crop but they definitely give you a lot of CP.


    this is my first time playing Romans.
    if i am being attached. there is only Prehistorians to defend? there is not enough defensive troops


    Legionnaires are good offensive and defensive units. They're pretty good against cavalry and average versus infantry. You can also use them in combination with Praetorians which are very good against infantry but not so good against Cav. Your hero if you put points in fighting strength can also be used for defense. I recommend to build up your wall as well since that gives a % defensive bonus as well as build crannies to deter enemies from taking much or any resources if they manage to breach your defenses.