Roman Veterans/Newbies discussion and contest

  • An early game defensive oriented beginner friendly build I would use is something like this

    Train Legionnaires exclusively or almost exclusively from your barracks, at most mixing in few Praetorian if there is particularly low infantry defense in your kingdom (lot of teuton players or lot of hostile teuton players near you)

    The Legionnaire offers nearly identical attack per resource spent as the Imperian and much better defense per resource spent than the Pretorian (unless against a fat stack of Clubswingers) all in one multi use unit. You can use your Legionnaires to clear out the robbers effectively and to help out your kingdom members during attacks. They are especially effective against Heroes (which tend to come as horse and count as cavalry) and early cavalry raids but can still match clubswingers behind a wall when combined with other units.

    Resources are the limiting factor in the early game so the Legionnaire is perfect unit to start out with. As an added benefit they are the cheapest option which allows you to breeze trough the "Build X number of unit" quests for good rewards and reach the 1000 units needed to use the siege mode against robbers fast.

    From your stable build scouts (try to train at least 3-5 every day) and the Equites Imperatoris once your village is bit more developed. You can use the EI to help your Legionnaires to clear robbers out and raid nearby players for extra resources.

    Once you have amassed 1000 units to use the siege mode, build a ramm and make a decision how you want to continue the game.

    If you wish to continue towards offense, switch your barracks to producing Imperians instead and build more rams and later catapults while stopping the scout production (move this to your second village) and instead focusing exclusively on the EI in the stable

    If you wish to be more defensive continue with the Legionnaires and increase your scout production, you won't need more rams than just the 1 for the siege against robbers so keep the workshop at low levels or even demolish it later if you want. You also don't need to use the barracks full time at the start and instead you can divert some resources to your second village, just maintain enough Legionnaires to defend and to clear out the robbers as soon as they spawn in. You can slowly add more EI's as well to hit the robbers and to raid as you see fit.

    For your other villages I recommend something like this [brackets have what you should build if you are focusing on offense]

    2nd Village: Praetorian [scouts]
    3rd Village: Use this village to ship resources to your earlier villages
    4th Village: Praetorian [nothing]
    5th Village: Praetorian [Praetorian]
    6th Village Use this village to ship resources to your earlier villages

    After that as defense player you want to add 3-5 villages for Praetorian, 1 village for resource production and 1 village for Legionnaires and repeat this pattern if neccessary
    Later on you might even have enough resources to add defense production in the resource village in which case do so with more Praetorian

    Your unit priorities should (after the first 1000 units in the starter)
    #1 Praetorian
    #2 Scouts
    #3 Legionnaires
    # EI, rams Imperians should you want to make a smaller hammer later

    Consider settling villages with 3/4/5 resource field layout for your Praetorian production though 4/3/5 works fine as well. Iron oasis nearby are a good bonus as well.

  • Also remember to build scouts. a scout shield is very powerful early on as most will be looking for passives with just a single scout or perhaps 10. Having 50 or so around, a good chunk of legos, a built up cranny and a good wall when BP ends is a good goto strat for romans. Rewards also hint you at this and you will need troops. No more simming all first week. It will get caught

  • Hello all,I want to share my tip,trick,play style and knowledge about Roman Tribe with you. I am not a master of roman tribe nor a lame roman general just a some random normal person who used to play roman tribe.

    First of all,Why Roman? We have a naturally good attacker Teuton.We have a naturally good defender Gaul. So Why Roman?
    For me Roman is naturally a good farm,oh sorry! wrong point. Naturally a good builder(Why not? we have 2 construction slot) and has super strength in both offense and defend. Roman tribe can offers you with many play styles,
    With a good combination between troops and building you can be a powerful raider,a heavy hammer or an impenetrable wall with no flaw nor penalty compare to Gaul and Teuton.

    Roman has a versatile unit Legionnaire,good at early raiding,attacking and excel at defending against cavalry while Teuton Clubswinger only good at raiding/attacking and Gaul Phalanx only good at defending.
    As Raider
    Roman has Equites Imperatoris with greater attack than Gaul Theutates Thunder.
    As Hammer
    Roman has Imperian with faster speed and stronger attack than Gaul Swordsman and Teuton Axe fighter ,moreover Equites Caesaris is the strongest cavalry in the game and our Fire Catapult packed the meanest hit.
    As Defender
    Roman has Praetorian for anti-infantry unit with greater defense per crop consumption than Gaul Druidrider and you can use Legionnaire as anti-cavalry unit. With Legionnaire and Praetorian combine at ratio 2:1 you get a great defense with no defense penalty to infantry or cavalry.
    As Scouter
    Roman has Equites Legati with only one field slower speed than Gaul Pathfinder but with bonus of level 10 Horse Drinking Trough,Equites Legati will recruit faster and consump 1 less crop,make an edge for your scout corp.

    All sounds good right? So you want to play Roman now but wait a second and listen to what I'll say.
    Despite the fact that Roman (can) has strong hero for early and mid game,
    -Roman tribe need a good take care and great patient
    Leave your troops in village at night and go to sleep,Get up with a bad news about your fight and defeat. Roman village always draw raider and attacker,you must keep an eye on it and manage your troops and village regularly
    -Roman tribe not a stand alone tribe
    You are not a ruthless attacker or a cunning defender.Roman tribe is more likes a tactician,live alone and you can be wipe out before you can use your tactic.
    -Roman troops strong but expensive
    Roman offers you the best soldier but with the highest price,that make it difficult at the early to mid game period for both Roman attacker and defender to form a large army.
    -Roman troops sensible to loss.
    Losing a group of men is just acceptable but Losing an army for Roman means a disaster,a very lot of resources to spend and a very long training time before you can back on your feet again,or a click at delete your avatar button.
    -Roman troops slow to recruited
    Gaul and Teuton can easily outnumber you in every period of game.
    -Roman wall offers highest defend bonus but without troops or enough troops to defend with it,it useless.Oh and it easy to crumble.
    -In early game Roman village is always a good choice for farm because we have no trap like Gaul and our Legionnaire not worth defend against massive group of Teuton Clubswinger.
    Eh,I have no more idea,may be this is enough.

    If you read until this and think "Roman not a good choice for me " thanks for reading and have a nice day.
    But if you think "Roman is interesting,I should give it a try" here is some tip and trick for start as Roman from me.

    Talk about Legionnaire
    For me he is likes Clubswinger combine with phalanx,this is what I call Versatile but with some drawback.
    As attacker Legionnaire is more expensive,more sensible to lose and slower recruit time than Teuton Clubswinger.
    As defender Legionnaire is slower to recruited,slower speed and has 5 point anti-infantry weaker than Gaul Phalanx.
    Anyway I like Legionnaire and you should too.

    When I start as Roman tribes(Governor) here the things I do to rise and shine (keep in mind that this game play as a team),you can use it as a guide line(I explain many steps but don't go deep in every details)
    1. follow the easy early quests (adventure,rename village,dismantle,attack robber hideout,sell treasure,etc.)
    2. upgrade all resource and crop fields to level 3 + upgrade barrack to level 3 and train 5 Legionnaires.Always get your quest rewards.
    3.1 keep sending your hero to an adventure and spend all attribute point at fighting strength or fighting strength and resources at ratio 3:1
    3.2 raid robber hideout with your hero alone until it cleared(always use combat simulator for best type of attack(As infantry or cavalry)). I use this tactic even I have 25 or 100 legionnaires.
    3. upgrade 1 type of resource fields (clay,iron,wood) to level 5 + upgrade 1 crop field to level 5.
    4. build and upgrade academy to level 5 + build and upgrade smithy to level 3 + build stable
    4.1 research scout + train 5 scouts
    5. upgrade main building to level 5 + build residence and upgrade it to level 5 then collect quest reward to instant upgrade residence to level 10
    6. upgrade all resource and crop fields to level 5 (Don't forget to keep upgrade your warehouse and Granary until both hit level 7 ) + train 1 settler
    7 train 100 troops,get reward + train 1 settler
    8. wait/trade/find resource for last settler
    9. build 1 level 10 cranny and level 5 wall
    9.1Now you have a strong hero and 100 legionnaires
    9.1.1 in case of attack from Teuton not recommended to defend but I recommended to use your resource and dodge the attack or (if you can,strike him back).(when fighting with Teuton not recommended to defend)
    9.1.2 in case of attack from Gaul dodge is always a good way to solve the problem but defend against Gaul with roman legions or a hero alone is not a bad choice. (when fighting with Gaul not recommended to attack)
    10. upgrade academy to level 10 + build town hall
    11.settle new village.
    12.When play Roman remember 3P , 1.Prepare for war anytime, 2.Patient for withstand every storm and build your army, 3.Power will be yours at the end of the day. Roma Invicta!

    Well,I think this enough for you and me now.This is my first post and thank you for reading.

  • well, on the server i currently playing i'm play as a roman deffer.. and i saw a bunch questions about roman deffer.. just want to say that.. playing as roman deffer is the worst compared to other tribes. why? let me explain it to you

    as a roman deffer, the main troops you need to build is praets since it was the best anti infantry troops in the game. but what about anti cavalry? you got legionaire but this guy is very weak if you compared to gaul phalanx and teutons spearmen.. so i suggest you instead of making legionare, just go ahead making praets.. and ask your friend from other tribes to reinforce you with stuff.

    well, another truth that need to be said.. as you already know, your main def is praets and you produce it with a barracks.. as a deffer you dont make def with great barracks. it's much better to develop another village, and make def from it. so what's the point of this? if you compare romans def with another tribe, romans got no cavalry that can be used as a def. so the main def production is only from your single barracks.. while other tribes can make from barracks and stable 24/7 and you only got a barracks... so, to counter that.. basically the only thing you can do is only make more villages.. make more lvl 20 barracks plus lvl 20 smithy and level up your praets...

    and for other stuff... as the only main def units of romans PRAETS ARE WAY TOO SLOW... when you're reinforcing others, praets are too slow if you compare it with another def units... praets is a turtle.. but, there's one thing that praets good at without mentioning as the best anti infantry def. they're way too good as a standing def. since they're way to slow "cough"

    now maybe you gonna ask me about " how can you clear hideout without legionaire?" the answer it just simply dont use your praets for clearing.. use your hero and make EIs for it. so you might wondering why EIs instead of imps? EIs is faster, so when there's no hideout you can use EIs for plunder inactive, they way more efficient than slow imp

    so basically if you want to play roman def, i dont suggest it (even thou i think i still doing a great job playing as a roman def).. since you need a lot of villages for it, a lot of time for it, a lot of investment on it .. so here's a bunch of questions.. as i said, romans need a lot of villages to build def, can you make at least 4 def villages or more active 24/7 with max lvl? 4 villages is still small tbh.. that much only can produce 1450 def a day.. and if you compared to other tribes, they can produce more with the same amount.. so basically if other tribes got 4 def villages, to compete with them or to be at the same production lvl you need 8 def villages maxed and going 24/7. are you sure you can do that? if it a yes then go for it :)
    so for the last things that its way better to play def with other tribes in my opinion.. or just play offense, roman offense is a beast!!

    btw there's a lot of def advice up there that i dont need to say it again here :)

  • What the above posts show is that there is more than one way to play Romans. I play Romans a lot and I like to try different things. So here's a couple of thoughts for you.

    Legionnaires. I played one game where I had one hammer village, one Scout village, with the rest split between feeders and producing legionnaires. I had around 7 villages producing legionnaires 24/7 by the end of the game and most of those were upgraded to level 20.They were actually pretty good deff, especially against people looking for one of those big, fast raids with cavalry. They're cheap to build and cheap to upgrade and can help feed themselves by raiding. Put them in one place behind a good wall supported by your hero and they're surprising effective defence.

    EIs vs ECs. I generally go EIs for my main cavalry, and that means my main troops. Why? Firstly, you can start building them earlier - there's quite a lot of extra res needed to start building ECs. That extra res can be used to upgrade the stable instead and build EIs faster. Secondly, they're much better raiders. OK eventually if you have enough units then anything can raid, but until that point faster troops can raid more often and that means more res. Thirdly, with Horse Trough you get the 1 crop reduction more quickly - and the levels 16-20 re very expensive to build, so again EIs have the edge. Fourthly, they're cheaper to upgrade, meaning you get them to level 20 faster. Lastly, the % gain in crop consumption (3->2) is a bigger % for EIs than ECs (4->3); or to put it another way, you have more EIs so the 1 crop saving is a bigger gain.

  • Well it's simple and no different as with other tribes, upgrade fields, avoid losing units and geting farmed. Maybe it's little harder with Romans as units are more expencive and is little harder to deffend yourselfe, so i'd suggest dodge early attacks, and make production, later start farming inactives and thats it..

    Every bone in my body wants to argue with you, but I can't because you're actually right. Well done, you summed up everything in 2 sentences, +1

  • As a player who enjoys playing roman off much more than roman deff , I would like to talk about a very powerful offense tactic which is early cavalry rush which is VERY unique to romans.

    This strategy is credited to a russian player @Дезертир who usually plays in the TEST and comx servers

    lets get the facts here :
    1) teutons : they get paladins on lvl 1 stable , 55 off strength ( very weak)
    2) gauls : they get TTs at lvl 3 stable , 90 off strength , great speed ( much stronger than paladins )
    3) Romans : they get EI at lvl 3 stable , 120 off strength , good speed ( much stronger than TTs )

    Let this be known that this tactic is for very active off players and usually needs a team to execute the strategy perfectly. Also, this does not focus on an early second village as well . This strategy is best adopted by roman kings early game

    brief overview of the build order :
    1) get all fields to lvl 5 using residence lvl 1 quests, etc
    2) build stable and rush 100 EI using rez from troop builds ( this will be a little taxing )
    3) build buildings to get to 200 pop exit out of bp ( almost always, its easy because you are not building settlers)

    Now, when you exit the bp, you should find yourselves in the map at some of the highest pop players with other players doing early settle which oftens shoots their pop over 200.

    Now, all you need to do is scout and hit villages out of bp (those villages have good economy but no real deff) , add to the fact that most players would be on boots ;) .. .Teutons are most obvious targets .

    The best part of the strategy is the speed of the horses and their strength .. No real deff/help can come in when horses travel at 32 units per hour on speed servers. Add to the fact that players are human and need sleep. Simple observation of player's pop growth can give away sleep patterns.

    Gauls can do this build , but are much more vulnerable to die when deffed. Romans are definitely much better in this vertical.

    If done right, with good scouting and activity, the roman horses can really raid a lot of rez at an amazing pace and have an explosive start to any account.

  • For Roman
    1.Most corp efficient infantry, preatorian for inf. def and imperian for inf. att
    2.Best cavalry attack/train time and attack/crop best scout achievable with horse drink
    3.Build new village fast with fields and buildings upgrading at the same time
    4.Highest bonus wall
    5.Senator is more powerful than chief and chieftain in term speaking power

    1.Slow infantry training. inf att/time is the lowest
    2.Slow defense unit movement speed, hard to stand cavalry attack alone
    3.Wall is weak against ram
    4.Without horse drink, cavalry is not so good
    5.merchants are weak without trade office

    conclusion: before you get horse drink with decent resource income, Roman is nothing. After you have the income and horse drink, Roman can be everything, from conventional hammer, shocking cavalry hammer, scout hammer, preatorian stacker, wonder hammer.

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