Guide to "lazy romans" Don't have much time but want to play? this is for you!

  • This guide is for Romans whom have limited time. It is also new player friendly, as potential losses will be minimal. Ideal for Governors.
    It is actually good to join a game world 10-20 days late, as this moves you away from the middle. You can still succeed in the goal from being late. There should not be an issue if you start earlier than this.

    Roman is unique in being able to build a resource tile and a city structure at the same time. This makes expansion much faster than either Gauls or Tuetons.

    It also has the most ideal starting troop for a Governor, which is a legionnaire which is mostly defensive, but is certainly strong and cheap enough to be used for robber camps.
    The other option is Gaul, where "if" you get attacked, they require less cranny's. This is very minor seeing on old servers i've built 6 roman crannies before and manage to destroy them when i no longer needed them.
    Gaul's also have access to druidriders, so if you want a fast defensive unit, they "may" turn out better. They are easily choice 2, as the cranny bonus is actually helpful to the idea of this guide.
    Tuetons should NOT be using this guide. The entire point of this race is to go and raid. The entire point of this guide is to not raid.

    Main Goals:
    Survive the early game.
    Clear up robber camps cheaply and quickly to gain significant amounts of resources & treasures.
    Produce an significant army capable of damaging a World Wonder Village or to produce a significant number of defensive troops.

    Build up embassy lvl1 (grab an oasis!), granary, warehouse to level 3 and barracks lvl 1 and start getting a total of 25 troops (you get some for free, these count towards the quest for train 25 troops)
    Clear all robber camps as quickly as possible, this is the main reason for getting warehouse/granary up early.
    All hero points should be spent on fighting strength. Separate your hero from your legionnaires, kill the robbers with the hero, the legionnaires follow up to take all the resources and treasures from the now empty hideout.
    Build resource fields whilst this is happening.

    Aim to get resource fields to level 5 each. Avoid going higher at the moment (for beginners protection population reasons)
    Main building to 5
    Barracks to 3.
    Warehouse to 7.
    Granary to 6.

    At this stage you'll be creeping close to the 150 pop mark, bearing in mind you lose beginner protection at 200 pop.
    Begin making residence to level 5, 3 settlers, academy to level 10 and grab a town hall, use a celebration (you are given bonus culture points).

    A crucial part of this guide is talking to players and making a decision on which kingdom is for you.
    Yes, we're looking for a kingdom we're likely to stay with for the entire server on day 1 of starting.
    The simplest way to make the decision is looking at the players closest to you, do any have 15 croppers? does anyone have significantly high population?
    Have a good look round, are any of the kingdoms near you within the top 10?

    These questions should lead you towards an answer of who you should be joining. If someone right next to you has a 15 cropper, you need to be in his alliance. If you do not there is a huge chance he will attack at some stage.
    If no 15 croppers are particularly nearby, whom is likely to grab one? Who has 9 croppers?
    You should already have an idea of who you wish to join, if not, look at the top 10 kingdoms and see who is closest.

    After you have made a choice on which kingdom you wish to join, look at their charter, they will often tell you who to contact if you wish to join (do NOT message the player whom has the high population/cropper near you, unless they happen to also be the contact/king)
    If they do not have a contact listed, talk directly to the King.
    I suggest waiting till you have reached between 125-150 population before messaging them.

    Here is the exact message i used:

    Bigheaded 28.01. | 09:43
    Hi I'm interested in joining (Alliance Name), used to play a few years back. Noticed a bunch of your guys settling near me and the other kingdoms nearby are crap.
    ????? 28.01. | 16:04
    Hello there. Have sent an invite :)

    Keep your message simple, I highly recommend actually putting the alliance name in your message. I would also adding the name of whom you're talking to after "Hi".
    (I do not recommend stating the main reason you joined is that you wish to avoid that aggressive guy next to you farming you at some stage!)

    Hopefully this is all the diplomacy you actually need. Should you not get a reply after a full day, you can try messaging a duke as well.

    Second Village
    (day 3 or 4)
    Ideally your kingdom invite has been sent and you have accepted. You may need to settle your village inside their borders, this is generally a good idea anyway seeing you will get bonus crop from selling treasures as well as giving the treasures to your kingdom.
    Option 2 is looking for a potential capital (ideally do both). a 4/4/4/6 or 3/4/4/7 or 3/3/3/9 should be your only options. The bonus should be a MINIMUM of two 25/25 or 50's.
    Your first village should also be considered as your capital, Even with only 6 crop fields, It can still reach a solid 20k++ crop production
    Remember, we are going to be completely unreliant on raiding (excluding robbers), therefore production of all resources is important.

    Your first village should get a marketplace at least lvl 10. continuously supply the second village, it's more important for your new village to be build than it is for your first.
    Second village should simply be a case of upgrading resource fields further, although this is the most likely time in this guide that you'll be raided.

    Being raided?
    In general you make sure the raider gets 0 resource. I've seen several players who lose 30 troops each raid but continue raiding because they got 500 of a single resource in return.
    Only after making sure you have 4-5 fully upgraded crannies and they do not get resource from several raids do you message the player asking them to stop, be polite, it is a game and they are allowed to raid you.
    Continue making troops and reviving your hero, after he's attacked another 10 times and continually lost troops will they sometimes give in. Asking your alliance for assistance this early in the game is a waste of their resource. 4-5 crannies should be plenty.

    Third Village
    (roughly day 11)
    At this stage you should start building a small legionnaire force (around 1000) as well as at least 20 scouts. 100 is highly recommended. This means if you do get scouted, they will at least take losses.
    Wall upgrades will also be important, level 12 should be a minimum.
    Continue with resource tile production.
    Remember that city hall you built in your first town? by now it should make about 300 CP each use, which is generally worth the resource. The marketplace should get to level 20 as it produces a good amount of CP and is very useful for supplying other villages.
    Your hero will start taking too much damage to go alone, so send him with the legionnaires to clean up those robbers!

    Fourth Village/City:

    (roughly day 18)
    There is an optional choice at this stage to make your capital into a City. This provides 500 CP per day which is likely to be equal if not more than your current production.
    Making a different village which is not your captial a city provides only 200, which is not worth it. The only time it is worth it, is if you're being attacked.
    Otherwise keep going.
    This is also when you begin making legionnaires 24/7 from your first town until it makes 0 crop/hour. A level 10 barracks is suggested.
    I personally upgraded my first town to a city.

    5+ Villages
    This is when your capital becomes highly important, ideally you want a resource tile upgrading 24/7. Also all of those "finish now" items you get from the card game? wait till you start making level 13+ resource tiles and use them for that. Thankfully some of your other villages should be nearly maxed by now, so can provide resources to the capital/new villages.

    Achieving the Goals
    Do you remember the goals? We have succeeded surviving (hopefully?)
    You now need to make a decision on offense or defense.
    If you're going offense at the fourth village, start heading toward level 15 academy and workshop level 10 in either your capital or a village directly next to your capital.

    To give you an idea of what army you need, i suggest looking at some hits on another 1x speed server.
    I've used this without asking, so Jallu if you read this, can you please confirm it's ok (edit: presuming it's ok because he liked the post!), also thank you for uploading. Was cool to see:
    Jallu WW - Album on Imgur
    So the goal is 30-40k infantry minimum and a minimum of 2k catas to "potentially" lower a great warehouse by 1 level.
    Ideally hit after your Rammer has hit.
    30k imperians with non stop production with a level 20 barracks will take 94 days to make, and this is presuming you don't lose any!
    2k catapults takes only 30 days by comparison.

    In terms of my own play, I was asked if i minded using my hammer early this is the result:

    Now to give you an idea how fast this was built (note this is also a capital hammer, so no access to great barracks!), here's my getter which was updated at worst every 2 days:

    As you can see, I had 0 offense until about the 4th of March. I believe around 1st April maybe sooner was when I added cavalry to my production (Until then I didn't have the production for all 3, so focused on catas and imperians). 16th of april (1 month and 2 weeks only!) is when I hit.

    Advantages to using Capital for hammer city:
    Cannot be Chiefed (this is sometimes done, It is highly unlikely you will be deemed a target for this particular strategy though, 15c aggressive players are the target 99% of the time and I've not even seen this happen on my server)
    Do not need to move crop from your capital to your hammer village. This is for the "super lazy" players.

    Advantages to using a city near the capital for hammer:
    Allows Capital more room for additional warehouse/granary.
    Access to Great Barracks, this is immensely helpful for rebuilding a hammer should your hammer be used prior to the WW.

    Should you be using a speed server, I would HIGHLY recommend a village next to the capital, as the capital needs to continually make warehouse/granary, whilst it's more likely you can make use of a great barracks on a speed server.

    If you are going defense
    For defense troops, speak to your defense organiser for potential static defense locations. Ideally produce 24/7 troops from as few villages as possible to save on smithy upgrades.
    Any time you supply all of your defensive towns at 24/7 production of legionnaires/praetorians, move onto producing in another town.
    You should also be relocating near to your expected WW location. It's worth thinking about even as soon as to where village 2 is placed (i.e day2-4).
    By the start of when the WW's spawn, you should be able to hit 40-70k+ legionnaires/praetorians.

    Actively Locate a kingdom which allies you to offensive players near you and SPEAK to them. Words are much more powerful than your troops! This is one of the few things which decides whether you succeed in this guide, whether or not you can talk yourself into a suitable alliance.
    Use hero (max fighting strength!) to clear out robbers and then raid using legionnaires until you have your third village. This is more beneficial than resource production than losing the troops. Reviving the hero is NOT a problem.
    Begin legionnaire production if you're attacked, or when you hit 3rd village.
    Aim for 24/7 legionnaire production in your first city by the time you make your 4th village and after you make ~2500-3000 begin your hammer.
    Continue Sim City! (+hammer/defense building :P )

    on COM6, I started 10 days into the server and I managed to reach top 60 for population (64th at time of edit), potentially could go higher.
    As stated, i'm in top 100 raiders and i do 14 attacks to remove robbers per week only.

    Good luck everyone!

    If you have any questions, please ask as i'm sure I've missed loads of stuff.

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  • Very good guide on Romans and a lazy persons like me.
    I want to know to know some things.
    1)As I understand you are suggesting to use starter village for capital instead of using 2nd as capital?
    2) I also want to know is it a good idea to use only legionnaire as your raiding force, wit some horses. (Im not planing to go off will be playing def)

    Enligt me please

  • Very good guide on Romans and a lazy persons like me.
    I want to know to know some things.
    1)As I understand you are suggesting to use starter village for capital instead of using 2nd as capital?
    2) I also want to know is it a good idea to use only legionnaire as your raiding force, wit some horses. (Im not planing to go off will be playing def)

    Enligt me please

    Great questions.

    Your first village can make an excellent location IF it has decent oasis. If it does not have access to at least 100% then consider somewhere else, ideally look for 150% (3x 25/25 or 50 oasis). Remember you may also be contesting oasis with other players.
    The other reason why you may choose 2nd village as capital is for a 9 crop location. This is the particular choice i made on my game (150% 9c), although i could easily have used my first village and I have had success in the past on standard travian servers with first village capital.

    There is no requirement for the horses either. Pure legionnaires will be cheaper. You can build the horses if you want, but in terms of what this guide is aimed for (playing with no raiding at all), cavalry is too expensive for what it does.
    Legionnaires are fully capable of being killing robbers, especially seeing i am suggesting going full combat power (NOT resource) on the hero.
    Saying this, if you can fit in some raiding then every little bit of resource helps, and if cavalry helps then why not?

    Thanks for the comment and good luck!

  • made some updates. Would people be interested in my city layouts to get high amounts of CP to allow for sufficient expansion?

    To be simple it's literally:
    Fields upto 10 with warehouse/granary to ~15
    Residence upto 10 with 3 settlers somewhere around level 7-8 resource fields as usually my CP growth was fast enough to need them that often.
    Marketplace to 20
    level 1 town hall (small parties at ~300 CP are usually worthwhile in this particular setup)
    stables 10 to allow you to make trade office, which goes up to ~8-12.
    academy upgrades are optional as they are an amazing source of CP, didn't use it in my current playthrough, but they will help!

    Can add some screenshots of completed villages as well as what a cranny village looks like (my x3 speed got attacked so happen to have this village available)