Robbers Camps

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    In the Wiki it sais "These camps can however not be defeated by a single player. In order for it to disappear, a robber’s camp needs to be attacked successfully up to five times by different players".
    Does this mean I can attack a Robbers Camp only once?
    The thing is I wanted to scout a Camp to see how many troops it contains. But once I did I could NOT send another attack to the same camp. The followoing message was shown: "Your troops are already on their way here."
    Obviously I declined my scout-attack.

    Can anybody tell me whether I can really just attack a Robbers Camp once, or can I attack multiple times, but not 2 attacks at the same time?

    ANSWER: I've just sent a scout-attack and once the scouting was finished, I could send a new attack. So you can scout once and attack afterwards, just the one time though.

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  • There was a time when I was sure or myself but in the last days I'm confused so I'm not sure that it's true Ariakus...
    I remember that also with the camps it was possible to send hero alone and after the attack, the troops. It's not possible to send 2 times troops but it seems that the hero is not considered, perhaps because he doesn't take back resources.
    Tell me if I said the usual stupid thing, in the last days I'm not reliable!!