Attack Speed Formula

  • Hello,
    I need help for some Excel formulas for coordinated attacks and defences.


    1) I need to know the exact hour, minute and second to send an attack, if I know the speed of the slowest troops and the coordinates of the target. Formula including Arena and velocity boots bonus, please.

    2) Counterattacks formula. I got an attack incoming, don't def it and I want to counterattack back with some cavalry or other troops. Also arena and boots included.

    3) Arena and Boots speed bonus get added or multiplied together?


  • The process should be fairly simple

    Speed is given as tiles per hour
    Distance is direct distance between the 2 tiles (you can find this with simple Pythagorean operation)

    Speed boosts are additive working on the base speed as far as I know, though quick in game test should confirm that

    1) info into the calculator, subtract that from the landing time
    2) add info of your army and the attacking army, add when the attack happened to figure out when the enemy gets home and then feed that result to the formula on step 1

    The things you gotta watch out are to make sure to use the base speed for the first 20 tiles and to not get confused by the wording on the map items.

    Might also want to add an option for siege which is half the normal speed.

    Plenty of out of game tools that do similar things but more power to you if you want to make your own

  • It's very easy to calculate if you're using either tournament square or go-faster hero boots, unfortunately not so easy if you're using both.

    With either/or you simply multiply up the boost x base speed and apply that for the distance over 20 and the base speed for the first 20 tiles and add them together.

    EC travels with a base speed of 10 tiles/hr
    example distance to travel 40
    time to target with no boosts 4 hours

    Using TS 10
    Time for first 20 tiles = 2 hours
    Time for second 20 tiles = 1 hour [calculated as 20 tiles/(base speed of 10*(1+TS boost of 100%))]
    Total time to target = 3 hours

    Using no TS but boots of Archon giving 100% speed boost
    Time for first 20 tiles = 2 hours
    Time for second 20 tiles = 1 hour [calculated as 20 tiles/(base speed of 10*(1+Archon boost of 100%))]
    Total time to target = 3 hours

    In both cases the boost at 100% from either TS or boots doubles your EC's speed to 20 tiles/hour for the second part of the journey.

    In T4 legends if you had both boosts you could just add the two together giving, in this example, triple the speed and a time to target of 2 hours 40 minutes however in Kingdoms something very different happens making a much more pronounced but variable effect so that the example with both Archon 100% and TS 10 boost of 100% results in a time to target of 2 hours 15 minutes implying a speed for the second 20 tiles of 80 tiles/hour. Change the distance however and that speed over the part of the journey over 20 tiles appears to change. Over a distance of 60 tiles for example the time is 2 hours 40 minutes implying a speed for the section over 20 tiles of 60 tiles/hour. So there’s a very peculiar formula at play.

    Feel free to try it, calculate the time to travel 20 tiles at the base speed for your unit then subtract that from time to targets at two differing distances using the same unit with hero in boots from a village with TS. From that you can work out the speed of march for the section over 20 tiles. It will be slower for the longer distance.

    I have no idea what the formula is that produces this result however Kirilloid had it (I used his site to check the examples). Unfortunately he no longer updates his site so the hero equipment he has as options doesn’t cover all the possibilities now available.

    I’d be very interested to hear if anyone has managed to work it out.

    Added the next morning - you know how sometimes things just bug you

    In fact right at the margin something else is apparent. Based on real game tests it would appear that although with just boots or just TS boost there is no effect on speed under 20 tiles, there must be an effect when they are used together (this doesn't effect journeys under 20 tiles but the portion of the journey under 20 tiles when the total distance is over 20)
    Using TS16 and archon boots with 115% I get the following results at the margin with an EC base speed of 10 I get the following:

    tiles time ave speed
    18 1:48:00 10
    20 2:00:00 10
    21 1:59:11 10.57
    26 1:57:18 13.3

    So you can cover 26 tiles faster than 20 which implies that either time goes backwards between 20 and 26 tiles (which seems an unlikely thing for the devs to code) or the impact of the combined TS/Boots applies below 20 tiles or at least to some part of the distance below 20 tiles.

    Test results appear consistent with the theory that the two boosts work exactly the same way when applied separately but instead of stacking (as they did in T4 legends) or multiplying when applied together an entirely different mechanism is brought into play.

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  • Nice test , are those tile distances precise? Seems really weird that the time actually gets shorter when traveling 5 more tiles, you sure you didn't make a mistake?

    I would really like to test this one out myself as well since the last time I tested it the effect seemed to be quite simple addition. Need to buy speed boots I suppose hehe :D

    If I remember I will try to test things out at later point when I have a mid level TS and midlevel boots available with few gems and TS upgrades to get a more precise image of what's happening.

  • Yes I sought out targets that were exact tile distances away and used the EC as the test unit so that I could more easily check the results on a calculator to make sure I hadn't got any exel formulae wrong but the results are precise.
    I suspected I may get the time warp anomaly at just over twenty tiles last night after doing the numbers on the longer distances before turning in.

    Have a play around with Kirilloid's calculator

    Travian :: distance calculator

    Here its set for 21 tiles EC speed with TS 20 and 85% Archon boots giving a travel time of 1:59:19 where a 20 tile result with the boosts not active would obviously be 2:00:00. (You can also flip the server to T4 and see the Legends calculation which was the simple addition you remember).
    Kirilloid's calculator acts in the way I describe (it's just it doesn't cater for the hero boot/gem variety that we have now) but I haven't been able to do precise comparisons to check it's exactly as in game since I only have the 115% boots at the moment.

  • Oh I know about Kirilloids calculator and the numbers it shows, I was mostly interested if those are indeed replicated in the actual game.
    And similar problem to you in the testing. In month of two I should have an account that can test these out properly with small increments in game.

  • The small table at the base of my post is my in game testing using those 115 boots.
    From the comparisons over longer distances that I did comparing my 115 boots with the 100 setting on Kirilloid and the same TS setting I would say his numbers are correct (and he always used to be a pretty darned relaible source too).

  • Hi Curtain, I just bought myself some cheap 35% boots to try some like for like testing against Kirilloid and so far every test has matched his result (bar one single exception where a one second difference came up, presumably a rounding error). I wasn't able to mimic the 21 tiles quicker than 20 tiles effect presumably because the 35% boots just don't give quite enough boost.

  • Weird indeed, glad that the results match though so if any weirdness exists it doesn't really effect the average situation.
    I will look into it as well at T3 items, with several boots and few different TS levels if I remember :D

    Thanks for the testing as well. <3

  • This continues to bug me, does anyone know the calculation?

    Another weird one for someone else to test if they have boots and TS and are on a speed server:
    According to Kirilloid:
    TS 20
    Boots of Archon 100%
    TT base speed 38

    Time to travel 20 tiles = 20/38 = 31:34
    Time to travel 40 tiles = 40/(mystery speed calculation) = 31:34

    So it takes exactly the same time to travel twice as far. Or if you prefer assuming the descriptions for TS and Boots of Archon are correct and they have an effect only over 20 tiles, then the second 20 tiles of this journey takes no time whatsoever .......

    The combined boost at this level also allows for a TT raider to travel 100 tiles in slightly under three quarters of an hour. I've never played a speed server but does this ring true?

    Please someone put me out of my misery and explain how the combined boosts works.